Dr. Yolanda Avila is a minor recurring character on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. She is a researcher at Roswell Community Medical and is Liz Ortecho's boss.




Liz goes for an interview at Roswell Community Medical for a biomedical research position, and Dr. Avila interviews her. Liz compliments Dr. Avila's work, saying it's "borderline science fiction."[1]

On the day that Isobel injects herself with Liz's serum, Dr. Avila and Liz are presenting their research to the board. Liz is walking with Dr. Avila and they are discussing their research when Michael confronts Liz about the serum. Liz lets Dr. Avila know that it's okay and she'll meet her inside, so Dr. Avila walks on so that Liz and Michael can talk.[2]

Protests begin outside the hospital against Dr. Avila's work, followed by a mass shooting. Liz's lab is targeted in the attack and her research is destroyed, which sets their research back months.[3] Dr. Avila decides to move the research study to Palo Alto where things are more progressive, and she invites Liz to come with her.[4]

Powers and abilities

  • Medical training
  • Medical researcher


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