Wyatt Long is a character on the science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. After his sister, Kate Long, died because of Rosa Ortecho's accident, he has been terrorizing the Ortecho family. It was him who was responsible for shooting Liz when she came back to town.

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Wyatt is a racist.

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Ten years before the start of the series, Wyatt's sister Kate allegedly died in a car accident caused by Rosa Ortecho. Wyatt began terrorizing the Crashdown Cafe, which is owned by Rosa's father. His actions have included throwing bricks through the windows that say "go back to your own country" and shooting through the windows.

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On the anniversary of his sister's death, Wyatt shoots through the windows of the Crashdown Cafe. Unknown to him, he fatally shoots Liz Ortecho in the chest, and Max Evans heals her. Max chases after the shooter, but collapses from using his powers.[1]

Wyatt's truck is visible on surveillance footage the night of the shooting, and Deputy Jenna Cameron recognizes the naked girl mudflaps. The next day, she and Max visit the Long farm, and Jenna out-shoots him in a competition, and then she shoots the mudflaps on his truck.[2]

At the Wild Pony, Wyatt brags about the shooting, saying he must've blown out a transformer because the lights blew out. He later goes back to the Crashdown Cafe and beats up Arturo Ortecho. Max chases him down and begins beating him up until Michael Guerin and Isobel Evans-Bracken arrive, and Isobel tasers Wyatt. Since Max and Arturo both don't report the beating, since Arturo would risk deportation, Long isn't charged. He's taken into custody, although Jenna Cameron suspects that he'll spend the night in jail and be bailed out in the morning by his father.[3]

When Grant Green tells Liz Ortecho about what he witnessed the night Rosa and Kate died, Wyatt shoots at them to silence Grant, shouting that all Grant had to do was not talk. He locks Liz in a crate and asks her who she's talked to before trying to burn her alive. He shoots Grant through the head, killing him. He shoots Max in the chest, and is also shot by Max. They both survive and Wyatt is arrested.[4]

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  • Wyatt is a decent shot with a firearm.[2]

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  • Wyatt's actor Dylan McTee mentioned that Wyatt was in eighth grade during the 2008 flashback episode 1.06 Smells Like Teen Spirit,[5].

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