The Wild Pony is a bar in The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. It is strictly a locals bar, and it is run by Maria DeLuca.

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The bar was previously managed by Maria's mother Mimi DeLuca, but Maria purchased and took it over as Mimi's mind began to deteriorate and was fired. Maria runs the business, bartends, and does palm readings.

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Wild Pony is a traditional-style mid-west bar. This is in contrast with tourist-friendly establishments in Roswell that include alien-themes.

It includes two pool tables, wooden tables and chairs, booths, and a full-service bar. It does not appear to offer food.

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On June 7, the bar hosts a 90's Night. This is Maria's way of remembering Rosa Ortecho, who died on that date in 2008.

Twice a month, the Wild Pony has "Ranchero Night" when they open their doors to people who need free meals. It includes live music performed by Hank Gibbons's band, who play for free "because they're terrible." The crowd includes addicts and vagrants. The Wild Pony uses a door stamp on those nights.[1]

The Wild Pony hosts an open mic night which Forrest helps organize. Performers get a free drink.[2]

The parking lot is used for Maria to teach a "Woman As Warrior" class.[3]

The parking lot is used for a "Mexican Market at the Pony" event where vendors can set up.[4]

"Sangria Saturday"[5]

"Contact Cantina Pop-Up Bar" is a planned setup for the CrashCon alien convention.[6]

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