Who Died and Made You King? is the 15th episode of Season 3 on UPN sci-fi series Roswell.


Jesse is visiting a therapist, Burton Weiss, and tells him an edited version of recent events where he has recently found out that his wife's family are involved in the Mob. Max and Michael are watching the office: Michael thinks they need to shut it down but Max wants to wait. Michael is unhappy about Max simply taking charge again after his return from the dead. After Max has gone, Michael discovers a glowing tattoo resembling the Five Worlds symbol on his shoulder. He retrieves the alien artifacts Max put in a safety deposit box and deduces from what he reads that he is now leader.

Jesse returns home to find Isabel using her powers to give herself a makeover. During the night, he has a dream about waking up to find himself in a cocoon. He goes for a drive and, when he breaks down, Max approaches him and tries to convince him to give up the therapy. Max is also trying to rekindle his relationship with Liz but she is also uncomfortable about his return from the dead. Next morning, Isabel finds Jesse has packed his bags. He meets with Weiss and tells him he's being followed. After Jesse has gone, Michael grabs Weiss from behind and threatens him, stealing Jesse's file. Weiss promptly calls the FBI.

Max is furious with Michael's actions but Michael no longer recognises his authority. A heated argument sees Michael hitting a wall and injuring his hand. After Max has gone, Michael finds he can heal the injury. Jesse meets Isabel for lunch and tells her he thinks they should both leave town. They run into Philip, who is curious about Liz's swift return to town. He goes to see Jeff, who repeats Liz's story that the other girls were drinking and doing drugs. Philip offers to help get his deposit back. Jeff is grateful but tells Philip not to waste time mistrusting Max.

Kyle is fixing Jesse's car and tries to tell him of the advantages of knowing the aliens. He injures his hand and, while he is getting it seen to, Jesse is grabbed by FBI agents. They take him to Burns, who has realised that Weiss' report of Mob connection was an analogy. He is a former member of the Special Unit and explains they believe Max and some of the others to be aliens. He shows Jesse their files on those who died as a result of the aliens' actions. Jesse agrees to help them.

Kyle interrupts a miniature golf date between Max and Liz to tell the other teens what he saw. Michael believes Jesse has betrayed them but Max orders him and Maria to go to Jesse and Isabel's apartment in case he comes back. En route, Michael tells Maria that Nasedo was right: Any human who learns of them should be eliminated. Maria points out that would include her and Michael doesn't contradict her. Maria sees his tattoo. Michael abandons her at the side of the road.

Max and Liz collect Maria and Liz suggests that whoever made the Royal Four included a back-up plan where Michael would inherit the leadership if Max died. She also realises Michael's hand wasn't injured. They meet Isabel and Kyle at the garage. Max is unable to heal Kyle's hand but can still generate force fields: Only the powers unique to him are gone. Also, Michael's aggression has been heightened. Liz suggests they need to kill and resurrect him, an idea that impresses no-one.

Jesse arrives back at his apartment and is attacked by Michael, who discovers a camera Burns planted in his briefcase without his knowledge. He prepares to kill Jesse but the others arrive and Isabel stands between them. When Michael refuses to back down, Max uses his powers to knock him away and tells the others to get out. Isabel agrees to go anywhere Jesse wants, leaving Maria and Liz behind. Max and Michael fight and Max eventually wins by shoving broken glass in Michael's face. He uses his powers to tear the tattoo from Michael's shoulder and re-absorb it. He heals most of Michael's injuries and takes him home. Max tries to say he doesn't consider himself Michael's boss but things remain awkward.

Jesse takes Isabel to the FBI hangar and gets her to destroy all their evidence while he confronts Burns. Burns is unimpressed with Jesse criticising his illegal surveillance and pulls a gun, preparing to shoot him. Isabel hears a gunshot and finds Jesse has killed Burns. They take his body to a wrecker's in his car boot, where Isabel uses her powers to burn the body and operate the equipment to crush the car. Back home, Isabel melts the gun, which she didn't know Jesse had. She tells him they can still go away but Jesse says it's too late: He's part of it.

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