We Are Family is the 12th episode of Season 2 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Hanson interviews Max and Isabel about finding Laurie. At the same time, Lubetkin and Lewis are doing the same with Valenti, who claims he was giving Max and Isobel a lift after their car broke down. Despite him saving Laurie, Valenti is suspended for not following procedure. Meanwhile, Michael and Tess sneak into the hospital where Laurie is being looked after and get her test results, which indicate she is entirely human. They then find Laurie has disappeared.

Next day at school, Liz and Maria are reunited with Alex, who has been on an exchange trip in Sweden for the last month. Liz briefly speaks to Max, who is worried about the consequences for Valenti and gets snubbed by Kyle. Jim is visited by FBI agent Suzanne Duff, who is in charge of the search for Laurie, and asks him to assist her despite still being officially suspended. They have discovered that Laurie was a patient at the Pinecress Psychiatric Hospital, which she ran away from a week before the kidnapping. Michael calls Jim to the woods where Laurie was found and shows him a strange crystal which Jim takes.

Max spends the evening at the Crashdown Cafe to keep an eye on Liz. Alex is organising a showing of his slides from his holiday for Liz, Maria and Isabel and shares an unwelcome reunion with Sean when he pays Liz a visit. Valenti finds Laurie hiding in his house; she says someone is after her and they aren't human. Duff calls Valenti into the office so he asks Isabel to come round and sit with Laurie, keeping her away from the slide show. Liz and Alex end up chatting alone about travelling. Alex reveals he has given up on Isabel and is having a long-distance relationship with a Swedish girl he met, Leanna. He asks Liz if she has feelings for Sean.

Laurie tells Isabel that the person who kidnapped her injected her with something. Michael and Max arrive but when Laurie sees Michael she goes into a panic, screaming that he's dead and jumping out a window. Max and Michael chase and catch her but she begins screaming to passers-by for help. Valenti and Duff arrive and Laurie says that she was at Valenti's house and there were aliens there, giving the address and a description of the house. Duff ends her association with him.

At the store, Tess and Kyle overhear the clerk and a customer gossiping, making insinuations about Jim having an unhealthy interest in underage girls. Amy interrupts, defending Jim and commenting that one of the women's husband slept with the babysitter. Later, Max asks Kyle to retrieve the crystal from Valenti's office, since otherwise he could get in trouble for withholding evidence. Kyle finds the crystal but is caught by Duff. He claims he came to get his report card. Tess, hiding nearby, uses a mind warp to make Duff think a blank sheet of paper is the report card but Kyle is unhappy with yet another demonstration of "creepy" alien powers.

Lewis and the town council vote to remove Jim from office. Amy comes round to Jim's and convinces him to go for a picnic with her, where they kiss. Kyle tells Max that the aliens have ruined everything for his family and tells him to stay away from them. Max can't promise that. Kyle drops the bag containing the crystal and walks away. Later, Tess tells Kyle she'll move out but he tells her she's part of the family he wants to protect.

Liz tries to talk to Max about travelling one day. He tells her he can't but she should; he thinks Kyle is right about them doing damage to his friends and doesn't want to hold her back. Later, at the Crashdown, Sean tries to cheer Liz up with an old trick he learned: Writing something that's bothering you in mustard on a burger and then eating it.

Max and Isabel feel guilty about what happened to Valenti but Michael thinks they should get on with investigating the crystal. They examine it under a microscope and find it is pulsating. Michael and Isabel go to the psychiatric hospital that Laurie came from; Michael uses his powers to blow open a window leading into the basement, although Isabel points out he could have simply kicked it. Laurie's file is empty but they find her personal belongings. Among them is a photo of Laurie's grandfather taken in 1935; he looks exactly like Michael.



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