Walt Sanders is a recurring character in The CW 2019 television series Roswell, New Mexico. He owns Sanders' Auto and as a boy worked with Roy Bronson on the Long farm. Walt Sanders is portrayed by Nicholas Ballas as an older man, and by Major Dodge Jr. as a boy.

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Sanders wears a patch over his right eye, which was injured when the air force attacked the barn in 1948.

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As a child, Walt ran away from home. He tried to get some work at the Atomic Malt Shoppe and was turned away. Roy Bronson offered to let him help at the Long Farm, and he took the boy in.

Following the 1947 UFO Crash, Nora Truman and Louise arrived at Roy Bronson's door looking for help, and the air force closely followed. Walt helped Roy cover up for the hiding the two women. The next morning, after Nora and Louise made the crops grow, Walt told Roy that it was their way of thanking him for his help, and he suggested that the two women be allowed to stay. Some time later, he gives Louise a metal windmill he made.

In October 1948, he noticed that Nora was sad about something. She told him that she missed her "dancing partner", referring to her son Michael Guerin. Walt also encouraged Nora to go to the fair.

Two nights later, Walt hid when the air force arrived. He got out of the barn after it was lit on fire and before it exploded, but his eye was damaged. He was able to get away from the air force killing civilians to keep it covered up.

Walt left Roswell, but he came back to follow a map Nora left him that led to the pods where Michael, Max, and Isobel were hidden. He continued to check on them periodically, until one day they were gone. He followed their story in the papers, and he even went to the group home to see them. But he wasn't able to adopt them since he was not an ideal foster parent.

Sanders let Michael crash on his couch as a kid, and taught him about cars. He later gave Michael a job at his auto shop.

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After Foster Homestead Ranch is shut down, Michael asks Sanders for his old job back at Sanders' Auto, and Sanders gives it to him.

After Isobel Evans-Bracken shares a vision with Maria DeLuca, she tells Michael about it, giving him the detail that a little boy gave her mother a metal windmill. Michael pulls a metal windmill from the clutter at the shop and she confirms it's the same one from her vision. When Sanders returns, Michael goes to confront him.[1]

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