Vanessa Whitaker is a guest character on Season 2 of WB sci-fi series Roswell. She is portrayed by Gretchen Egolf.


Vanessa Whitaker is a skin. An alien from Antar working for Kivar she is with a group of skins who want to capture and kill the royal four she also wants and needs the granolith so in the episode "Surprise" (third episode of season 2) she questions Isabel asking her where the granlith is but isabel has no idea then later she finds a secret chamber in their spacecraft which contains the Granolith. Vanessa Whitaker's first appearence is in season 2 episode 1 "Skin and Bones" she is a congresswoman with a dark secret. Her last appearance is in season 2 episode three "Surprise". Special or unique alien power - Unknown


  • Likes wine and watching Jay Leno
  • Actual Deathdate - October 25, 2000 (S)
    • Killed by Isabel Evans at the Chavez County Power Plant (S)
    • Publicized Deathdate - November 25th (H)
  • Hometown - Copper Summit, AZ (H)
  • Family (they are not really related, but pose as a family for their cover)
    • Adoptive Father - Walt Crawford
    • Adoptive Mother - Ida Crawford
    • Adoptive Brother - Nicholas Crawford
    • Husband (human) - Congressman John Whitaker (H)
    • Step-son (human) - no name given (S)
  • Her husband died 6 months before the election in which he was running for Congress. So Vanessa took his place in the election and won.
  • The letter sent to her by the Universal Friendship League, says her membership ends on the 25th of the month, unless she responds. It is reported that she died in a single car accident outside Copper Summit, AZ.
  • Vanessa says that politics was the reason Pierce slept with her in the first place