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Sheriff Valenti is the main antagonist of the Roswell High book series. He is the local sheriff and a member of the anti-alien group Project Clean Slate.


Valenti has cold gray eyes,[2] and he is of average height.[3]

Valenti tends to wear heeled boots, a hat, and mirrored sunglasses.


Sheriff Valenti is known for being hard on kids and teenagers. He's been the big bad wolf of Isabel Evans's nightmares since she was a little girl.[4][5][6][7]

Description from The Outsider, chapter 2:

Everyone at Olsen High knew Kyle’s father. He did a locker search practically every week. He stopped anyone under eighteen who was driving even one mile over the speed limit. He showed up at practically every party, checking to see if there was any underage drinking going on.

Valenti is even cruel to his son Kyle. When Maria uses a stone to psychically watch Valenti, she sees him tearing into his son about doing the dishes.[8]

Valenti is driven in finding aliens and he lacks general ethics while doing so. When he suspects that Liz Ortecho had an encounter with an alien, he takes her to see a dead body in a morgue to question her.[9] When Alex Manes is stabbed and healed, Valenti is more interested in who healed him than who stabbed him.[10] He shoots Nikolas Branson in the back because he suspects he's an alien,[11] and he later shoots Ray Iburg.[12] When Alex and Maria try to stop him from getting back to Project Clean Slate headquarters, Valenti repeatedly rams his car into theirs and pushes them over the edge into the arroyo.[13]


For the 1999 Roswell TV series, the character is named Jim Valenti and he is initially the main antagonist of the series.

For the 2019 Roswell, New Mexico TV series, there are two Sheriff Valentis. Sheriff Jim Valenti died of a rapidly accelerated brain tumor before the start of the series. As in the books, Jim was Kyle's father and a member of the anti-alien group Project Shepherd. Unlike the books, Jim tried to help the kids in town and notably looked out for Alex Manes and Rosa Ortecho. Jim's widow and Kyle's mother became the new Sheriff Valenti after her husband's death. The main anti-alien antagonist of the series was Master Sergeant Jesse Manes, who was also a member of Project Shepherd.


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  • Valenti's first name is not revealed in the series.
  • Valenti's middle name is Elmer.[14]



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