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Ulysses F. Olsen High is a school in the Roswell High series. It is the high school where the main characters all attend.


Main characters:

Other students:

  • Arlene Bluth, a senior and Liz's rival for valedictorian
  • Jerry Cifarelli, he and Liz date for a while
  • Maggie McMahon, she's in a relationship with Rick
  • Rick Surmacz, he's also in a relationship with Maggie
  • Kyle Valenti, son of Sheriff Valenti


  • Lucinda Baker, she keeps a website that "ranks the kissing technique of every guy in school"[7]
  • Tish Okabe, Isabel's friend
  • Stacey Scheinin, head cheerleader and rivals with Isabel
  • Julie
  • Corrine Williams, she's the resident party thrower [7]

Football players:

  • John Andrews
  • Nikolas Branson, he and Isabel date for a while
  • Craig Cachopo
  • Doug Highsinger, he dances with Stacey at a party
  • Richard Jamison
  • Rick Montes
  • Tim Watanabe


  • Mr. Beck,[8] history teacher; Liz is in her class
  • Ms. Hardy,[9][10][11] biology teacher; Max and Liz are lab partners in her class
  • Ms. Markham,[12] English teacher; Isobel, Maria, and Arlene are in her class
  • Ms. Shaffer,[13][14] school principal, her car ended up on the roof of the gym junior year because of Isabel


  • Guffman High is a rival school.[15]
  • The cheerleader uniforms are green and black.[16]
  • In the German book translations, Ms. Shaffer is split into two characters: Ms. Shaffer and Mr. Shaffer.[17]


In the 1999 Roswell television series, the high school is renamed West Roswell High School.

In the 2019 Roswell, New Mexico television series, the high school is renamed New Roswell High School.


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