The UFO Emporium is an alien-themed museum in the CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. It has been called Roswell's UFO Emporium (in 2008) and later Grant Green's UFO Emporium (in 2018).

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In 2008, Alex Manes works at Roswell's UFO Emporium during his senior year in high school. In June, Michael Guerin visits Alex at work and kisses him in the museum.[1]

Grant Green later became the proprietor and the museum was renamed Grant Green's UFO Emporium. After Grant's death in 2018, his brother Graham Green takes over.[2]

In 2018, the UFO Emporium is closed for several months for renovations.[3] It reopens with a gala which is organized by Isobel Evans-Bracken.[2]

In 2020, Graham Green opened a themed malt shop in the UFO Emporium, which competed for business with the Crashdown Cafe.[4]

Theme and features Edit

The UFO Emporium is a museum of alien-related artifacts and conspiracy theories. It includes decorations of flying saucers and star-decorated ceilings. It has a crop circle exhibit, and another exhibit for the alleged alien autopsy.

Beginning in 2020, it has an authentic 1947 themed malt shop.

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