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The turquoise mines are a series of old mines in The CW's science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. One of the abandoned mines is where Max, Isobel, and Michael emerged from their pods. Another mine was a hangout spot for Rosa, and it is where she, Kate, and Jasmine were murdered.

History Edit

The turquoise mines are where the three aliens emerged from their pods. It is unknown how the pods got from the crash site to the mines or who placed them there.[1] The entrance to these mines were later boarded up.

In June of 2008, during a blackout of hers, Isobel murdered Rosa Ortecho and two other teenage girls at the mines. Max and Michael arrived too late and it was then when they devised their plan to cover up the murders.[2]

Max brought Liz Ortecho to the mines to show her the pods and explain his story.[1]

Isobel re-enters one of the pods in the mines to stay in stasis while Liz works on finding a cure.[3]

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