The Wild One is the second book in the Roswell High book series written by Melinda Metz.

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Official synopsis:

Dangerous love . . .
Isabel: From the moment she hears the roar of Nikolas's motorcycle, she's hooked. This new guy in town seems to understand exactly how she feels and thinks, exactly what she needs. He's someone willing to let her be what she was born to be . . . the wild one.
Alex: He's jealous of Isabel's new boyfriend. Worse, he fears that Nikolas is dragging Isabel deeper and deeper into danger. If Isabel's not careful, Sheriff Valenti will discover the truth about her. And if that happens, no one from Earth will be able to save her . . .

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Characters Edit

Main characters:


  • Stacey Scheinin, a cheerleader
  • Tish Okabe, a cheerleader and Isobel's friend
  • Lucinda Baker, a cheerleader
  • Julie, a cheerleader
  • John Andrews, a football player
  • Richard Jamison, a football player
  • Craig Cachopo, a football player
  • Doug Highsinger, a football player
  • Tim Watanabe, a football player

Other characters:

  • Sheriff Valenti, a member of Project Clean Slate
  • "Rocky Rocket", Guffman High's mascot
  • Mr. Caddihy, Michael's social worker
  • Elsevan DuPris, publishes Astral Projector tabloid
  • Ms. Hardy, Liz and Max's bio lab teacher
  • Ray Iburg, Max's boss at the UFO museum


  • Kyle Valenti, classmate and Sheriff Valenti's son
  • Rick Montes, high school football player
  • Mr. Tollifson
  • Ms. Shaffer, her car ended up on the roof of the gym the year before because of Isobel
  • Laura Burns, a girl Isobel bit in fourth grade
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, the family fostering Michael
  • Real people: Brad Pitt, Elvis, Nicholas Cage, Meg Ryan
  • Kevin DeLuca, Maria's little brother
  • Mr. Evans, Max and Isobel's adoptive father who does environmental law
  • Mr. Ortecho, Liz's father
  • Rosa Ortecho, Liz's deceased older sister
  • Arlene Buth, a classmate who Liz will be debating in class
  • The Salingers, the first couple who fostered Michael
  • Kristen Pettit, Michael's boss at Space Supplies convenience store

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Type Publisher Released ISBN
Paperback Simon Spotlight Entertainment Nov 1998 0-671-02375-6
Paperback Simon Spotlight Entertainment Dec 1999 0-671-77465-4
Paperback Simon & Schuster Children's May 2000 0-7434-0879-9
eBook Gallery Books Nov 2001 0-7434-3443-9
Audiobook Tantor Audio Feb 2019 978-1-5159-4340-2

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  • In chapter one, Isobel recalls that she bit a girl named Laura Burns in fourth grade. Laura Burns is the name of one of the co-creators of the Roswell High book series.

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