The White Room is the twenty-first episode of Season 1 on The WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Max is interrogated and tortured by Agent Pierce, but knows nothing about what Pierce is asking him. Agent Pierce shows Max the orb communicator he has had in his possession and demands to know where the other one is. Michael, Isabel, Nasedo and Tess join forces to save Max. Nasedo teaches Michael that he has more power than he ever knew; he just needs to learn how to channel it. Tess also reveals she has the ability to mind warp people, causing them to see what's not really there.

Michael and Nasedo rescue Max with the help of Isabel and Tess's powers, but Nasedo stays behind to try and kill Pierce. Morris shoots Nasedo, who goes down. Meanwhile, fearing for Max's life Liz goes to Valenti. She tells him the FBI has the real Max as he originally thought. Valenti shows up just as Michael is carrying out Max, and helps them escape by shooting Agent Pierce in the arm.



Isabel is able to communicate with Max while he is being tortured, the first time she uses her powers on someone who is not asleep



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