The Watcher is the fourth book in the Roswell High book series written by Melinda Metz.

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Official synopsis:[1]

Life will never be the same . . .
Max is dying. No one wants to believe it, but he knows it's true. And as the end grows closer, he can only think of one thing: Who will protect Liz if he's not here?
Liz can't stand watching Max suffer. She's determined to find some way—any way—to save him. But the only way to help Max is to risk her own life. Is she willing to die for the one she loves?

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Main characters:

Other students:

  • Stacey Scheinin, head cheerleader
  • Tish Okabe, a cheerleader and Isobel's friend
  • Corrine Williams, a cheerleader, she's having a party Friday
  • Doug Highsinger, he dances with Stacey at the party

Other characters:

  • Ray Iburg
  • Elsevan DuPris
  • Mrs. Hardy, Liz and Max's biology teacher
  • Mr. Manes, Alex's father, a major in the air force
  • Mrs. Manes, Alex's mother
  • Harry Manes, Alex's older brother, he joined the air force
  • Jesse Manes, Alex's older brother, he joined the marines
  • Mrs. Ortecho
  • Mr. Ortecho
  • Mrs. DeLuca
  • Mrs. Evans
  • Mr. Evans
  • Sheriff Valenti
  • Towner, a guard


  • Nikolas Branson
  • Robert Manes, Alex's older brother, he joined the air force
  • Lucinda Baker, student, she keeps a website that "ranks the kissing technique of every guy in school"
  • Rick Surmacz, student, he's on Lucinda's list, he's also in a relationship with Maggie
  • Maggie McMahon, student, in a relationship with Rick
  • Craig Cachopo, student, he's on Lucinda's list
  • Rosa Ortecho, Liz's deceased older sister
  • Kevin DeLuca, Maria's younger brother
  • Kyle Valenti, Sheriff Valenti's son

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Type Publisher Released ISBN
Paperback Simon Spotlight Ent Feb 1, 1999 0-671-02377-2
Paperback Pocket Books 1999 0-7434-0881-0
Paperback Simon Pulse Feb 1, 2000 0-671-77463-8
Library Binding Turtleback Books Feb 1, 2000 0-613-17586-7
Audiobook Tantor Audio Apr 2, 2019 978-1-5159-4342-6

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References Edit

  1. Tantor Media: The Watcher (audiobook)
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