"Take a psych class, Max, cause you are controlling"

The Toy House is the 11th episode of Season 1 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


A fire breaks out in the Evans' kitchen, forcing Max to use his power to save his mother. She gets suspicious and starts asking questions, revisiting old family footage and Max turns to Isabel and Michael. It becomes still more complicated when Sheriff Valenti comes around and asks questions, as well. After the breakup with Max, Liz goes to Kyle. Meanwhile, Michael selects quite a different way to thank Maria for saving his life.


When Max uses his powers in order to save his mother, DIANE EVANS, from an accidental fire, Diane becomes suspicious. When Diane questions Max as to how he saved her, Max tells her she should not be suspicious of her own children and offers no real answer. Isabel and Max fight over telling Diane the truth. Isabel insists it is not purely Max's decision to make, but hers as well. Max comes out as the leader insisting they not tell her. As Diane sits watching old family videos, she finds one where young Max saves a bird using his powers. Diane confronts Max again who only runs out saying maybe it would be better if he just left their home for good. Isabel, Max and Michael have another fight over telling Diane the truth. Isabel states that their mother loves them, unconditionally, but Michael interrupts saying there is no such thing as unconditional love.

Max considers this, and goes to see Diane in the park. He explains to her that he does have a secret, but he can't tell her what it is. Max tells Diane she is his mother, and their house is his home so he hopes she can understand and respect his decision. Fearing she'll lose the son she has come to love as her own, Diane tells Max it doesn't matter who he is, and that she loves and trusts him. Max goes to Isabel telling her their secret is still safe. Isabel is upset when she realizes Max means he decided not to tell Diane the truth. Meanwhile, Valenti snoops around looking for information from Diane about how Max was able to put out the fire. Diane protects Max, even though she's not sure herself what happened. Feeling distraught over her break-up with Max, Liz goes to Kyle to try and mend their friendship. Michael uses his hands, not his powers, to make a napkin holder for Maria. He tells her it's to thank her for what she did for him when he was sick.


  • Kyle apologises to Liz for his behaviour and they start over
  • Both Isabel and Liz fight with Max, saying he's controlling
  • Max shows his vulnerable side to his mother and asks her to put her faith in her son.