The Seeker is the third book in the Roswell High book series written by Melinda Metz.

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Official synopsis:

Circle of danger...
Maria: She hasn't told her firends about the strange glowing ring that she found. It seems to be giving her powers -- special abilities that let her enter a world she's been dying to experience. Here's her chance to learn what she longs to know: how Michael feels about her.
Michael: He feels all alone on Earth and he's searching for a place to belong. He didn't count on discovering someone to care about right here in Roswell. Now he's falling for his best friend. But what he doesn't know, and Maria doesn't realize, is that she's drawing danger to them all....

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Main characters:

Other characters:

  • Sassafras, Maria's cat
  • Ray Iburg, Max's boss at the UFO Museum
  • Sheriff Valenti
  • Jerry Cifarelli, goes out for smoothies with Liz
  • Mrs. Ortecho
  • Mr. Manes, Alex's dad, a Major
  • Mrs. Manes, Alex's mom
  • Kyle Valenti
  • Elsevan DuPris, publishes Astral Projector tabloid
  • Ms. Markham, Isobel and Maria's English teacher
  • Arlene Bluth, in Markham's English class
  • Kevin DeLuca, Maria's brother
  • Ms. Hardy, Max and Liz's biology teacher
  • Two unnamed bounty hunters


  • Nikolas Branson
  • Clyde, a stowaway on the alien ship that crashed in Roswell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Max and Isobel's adoptive parents
  • Mr. Cuddihy, Michael's social worker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pascal, Michael's new foster parents
  • Dylan, a foster child with the Pascals
  • Amber, a foster child with the Pascals
  • Sarah, a foster child with the Pascals
  • Doug Highsinger
  • Tim Watanabe
  • Mr. and Mrs. DeLuca, Maria's divorced parents

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Type Publisher Released ISBN
Paperback Simon Spotlight Ent Dec 1, 1998 0-671-02376-4
Mass Market Paperback Simon Spotlight Ent Jan 1, 2000 0-671-77464-6
eBook Gallery Books Jan 1, 2000 0-7434-3444-7
Paperback Pocket Books May 2, 2000 0-7434-0880-2
Library Binding Turtleback Books 0-613-17497-6
Library Binding Rebound by Sagebrush Jan 2000 0-613-73111-5
Audiobook Tantor Audio Mar 19, 2019 978-1-51594-341-9

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