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The Rebel is the eighth book in the Roswell High book series written by Melinda Metz.


Official synopsis:

Blood brothers . . .
Michael has finally found the one thing he always yearned for—family. When his brother Trevor arrives in Roswell, Michael will do anything to please him. But soon Trevor's loyalties come into question—and Michael is caught in the cross fire.
Maria's little brother has disappeared and she knows the kidnappers are trying to get to her and her friends. Devastated and guilt-ridden, Maria turns to Michael for help. But will he be there for her, or has Michael himself become the enemy?




Main characters:


  • Kyle Valenti, son of Sheriff Valenti
  • Kevin DeLuca, Maria's 10-year-old brother
  • Trevor (debut)
  • Mr. Ortecho, Liz's father
  • Estela Ortecho,[1] Liz's mother
  • Mrs. Manes, Alex's mother
  • Mr. Manes, Alex's father
  • Mrs. Pascal, Michael's previous foster mother
  • Stacey Scheinin, head cheerleader
  • Tish Okabe, a cheerleader and Isabel's friend
  • Lucinda Baker, a cheerleader
  • Margaret "Mimi" DeLuca, Maria's mother
  • Maggie McMahon, she attends Michael's party
  • Fred, a bio lab classroom pet mouse


  • Ray Iburg
  • Cameron Winger
  • Robbie, a boy on Kevin's basketball team
  • Cameron, a boy on the rival basketball team
  • Doug Highsinger, a student
  • Mr. Orndorff, a customer of the Crashdown Cafe, he wears hearing aids
  • Evie, an employee of the Crashdown Cafe
  • Jose, an employee of the Crashdown Cafe
  • Dylan, Michael's former foster brother with the Pascals
  • Kieran Scott, she attends Michael's party
  • Rosa Ortecho, Liz's deceased older sister
  • Real people: Julia Roberts




Type Title Publisher Released ISBN
Paperback The Rebel Pocket Pulse June 2000 0-671-03562-2
French paperback Le Rebelle Fleuve Noir 2002 2-265-07297-4




  1. The Rebel, chapter 10: “Estela,” her papa called out. Liz’s mama appeared in the doorway an instant later.