"Sometimes I wish I didn't have to be so invisible."
―Max to Liz

The Morning After is the second episode of Season 1 on The WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Liz tries to maintain her relationship with Kyle despite her deep bond with Max; Michael is obsessed with the idea that there was another hybrid in Roswell in 1959 and tries to decipher the meaning of the flashes only he sees. Meanwhile, Liz suspects the new guidance counselor Ms. Topolsky is hiding something, especially when she sees her with Michael's file. The Sheriff wonders why an agent was sent to observe his office.


The episode opens with Liz explaining to herself that nothing in her life will ever be the same again. Now that she knows about Max, she will forever look at everything differently. In the middle of the night, Max awakens from a deep sleep when he hears a noise. He grabs a bat and is prepared to attack but relaxes when he realizes the "intruder" is only Michael. Max pulls out a sleeping bag for Michael, and the two of them discuss the photo in Sheriff Valenti's office. Michael tells Max that he will get a hold of the photo because it could lead to the information they have been seeking. The next day in school, a substitute teacher named Ms. Topolsky shows up. During role call, she discovers that Michael has not shown up for and asks questions. Max avoids her query, only to be questioned later. Liz immediately senses that something isn't quite right with this teacher, especially considering how she seemed abnormally interested in Michael's whereabouts.

Although he is supposed to be in school, Michael just can't let this photo situation go. He goes to the sheriff's office with the pretense that he is selling candy in order to gain access to Valenti's office. He is unsuccessful. The next day in Geometry, Liz realizes that Ms. Topolsky is teaching the angles of a triangle wrong and corrects the teacher. She covers for herself, but Liz definitely knows there is something very wrong about this woman. After Liz "accidentally" bumps into Ms. Topolsky in the hall and a bunch of files fall to the ground. Liz helps pick the older woman pick them up and sees a file on Michael among them. Her fears that this woman is an "alien hunter" are now further fueled. Meanwhile, the FBI pays a visit to Valenti and informs him that they are taking any alien-related files. They also tell him that there is no evidence that a crash occurred in 1947. Of course, Valenti informs them that they have absolutely no jurisdiction in Roswell, but the agents hand him a warrant. Taking his thermos (which contains a hidden key to the real alien file), Valenti hands the filing cabinet keys to the agent and leaves.

Back at school, Liz and Max spy on Topolsky and overhear her say that she has Michael's address and is planning to visit him shortly. Max and Liz take off to Michael's trailer and watch as the teacher drops in on Michael. Kyle has followed the two of them and confronts Liz. They cover, but Kyle is suspicious. Just then, Topolsky leaves the trailer and spots Liz, but does nothing. After dropping Liz off at home, Max meets up with Isabel and they realize that Michael is missing. They immediately know where to find him: at Valenti's office. As they head over there, they see Valenti about to go into his office. Thinking quickly, Isabel stops him, claiming that she has a flat tire and needs his help. Michael is unable to find the file, but finds the key and has a flash of a large, white tent. Max finds Michael and gets him out of there. At the end of the episode, Valenti discovers his key is missing

Cast and characters




  • Robert F. Lyons as Hank Whitmore
  • Jason Peck as Deputy Hanson
  • Reggie Hayes as FBI Agent Hart
  • Christopher Holloway as Paul Aronson
  • Ebonie Smith as Genoveve
  • Michael Brandon Daniel as Boy in Class
  • Paul Goebel as Heavy-Set Customer
  • Debra Connolly as Customer


"The point is that we don't know anything about these "Czechoslavakians". Are they good Czechoslavakians? Bad Czechoslavakians? We don't know. Are they just random Czechoslavakians? For all we know, they don't have their..."passports""
―Maria to Liz
"Max – What was your cover story?
Michael – I told them I was selling candy for charity
Max – And they bought it?
Michael – No, they all seemed to be on a diet
―Alien deadpans
"The eraser room does two things: it cleans erasers, and takes our innocence."
―Maria to Liz


  • Liz writes in her journal on September 27th.
  • Liz has her first trip to the infamous "eraser room"


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Liz, Maria and Alex
Eraser room
ladyshave | GUS GUS
Liz and Maria freak out Alex
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Max and Liz
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