The End of The World is the 5th episode of Season 2 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Fourteen years into the future we discover Max and Liz are together, but saying goodbye. A future Max then uses the Granilith to go back in time. He appears to Liz in present day and tells her that fourteen years from now they are taken over by their enemies. He goes on to say that because the two of them had gotten together, Tess, who ended up being critical to their survival, had left town. Future Max begs Liz to help present day Max fall out of love with her so they can change the events of the future. Once Liz realizes how many lives are at stake, she agrees to help.

Liz first goes to Tess and tries to help her become someone Max would want to be with, but Max sees through their plan. He confesses his love to her and kisses her, causing flashes of their time together. Future Max then tells Liz she must think of something better. Liz seems frustrated until she realizes how Maria's jealously over Courtney ruined her relationship with Michael.

Liz then decides to enlist the help of Kyle. Together, Liz and Kyle set it up so Max gets the impression they slept together. Max leaves and goes to the park, where Tess tries to comfort him. Tess is surprised when Max doesn't push her away. Realizing their plan has worked, Liz and future Max share a final moment together - their wedding dance. When future Max disappears, Liz realizes all of their futures are now undetermined.

Meanwhile, suspicious of Courtney, Michael and Maria each decide to investigate on their own. Michael goes to Courtney's home, and creates a diversion to get her out of the room so he can snoop through her things. As he discovers a cupboard full of skin lotion, he hears a knock on the door. It's Maria. Maria is curious why Michael is there, when Courtney suddenly comes out from the bathroom in a towel. Betrayed, Maria slaps Michael and leaves. Alex then finds an upset Maria at the Crashdown, and she tells him what happened. Alex goes to Michael and punches him out for hurting Maria, as Courtney shows up at Michael's door. As they begin to get physical, Michael discovers Courtney is actually a skin.


  • This is the first episode not to feature Isabel.