The Balance is the tenth episode of Season 1 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


When Michael discovers Max has been withholding information from him about what he found at the cave, he becomes determined to find the answers he desires for himself. Max makes Michael promise not to do anything until he returns from his first official date with Liz. Coming home from their date, Max and Liz discover Michael lying sick in bed. Max discovers that Michael went to the reservation and participated in a sweat with River Dog. Max and Liz drive back to reservation where Eddie tells them River Dog is gone. Max and Liz decide to wait until River Dog returns, hoping he will tell them what's wrong with Michael. As Liz and Max wait for River Dog, Max tells Liz about the first time he and Isabel saw Michael in the desert, just after emerging from their incubation pods.

Max says he held out his hand for Michael to join them, but Michael ran off into the desert. Max and Isabel then didn't see Michael again for three years. Back in Roswell, Maria helps Isabel take care of Michael who has begun to hallucinate. Michael sees himself in the desert, surrounded by the symbols of the cave painting. Michael follows the symbols to a sepulcher, which contains himself inside. Max and Liz soon find River Dog, who tells them to bring Michael to him at the cave. Once there, River Dog surrounds Michael's body with stones the fourth alien, Nasedo gave him. River Dog tells them the stones are from their home planet. River Dog explains Nasedo went through a similar sickness, and was healed with the stones. Max, Liz, Maria, Isabel and Alex must all hold the stones to restore Michael's balance.

Liz, scared by all of the events of the past few days, hesitates at participating. Max painfully understands, but leads the rest of them through the process in order to save Michael's life. Michael awakens and points to the symbols of the cave painting, explaining it's a map. Once home, Liz mulls over her lack of nerve at the cave. Max interrupts her, and the two discuss what happened. Max tells Liz that after they kissed for the first time, he forgot anything else existed. Max further explains that's not the kind of world he can afford to live in, and gently floats the idea they should take a step back to examine what is going on in their lives. Liz realizes this means they need to stop seeing each other. Max and Liz share a goodbye kiss.


  • Max breaks up with Liz
  • Michael sees the Five Worlds constellation for the first time




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