Steph is a recurring character in The CW's second season of Roswell, New Mexico.[2] She is portrayed by Justina Adorno.

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Steph is a Latina woman in her late twenties.

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Steph is officially described as a "witty, sharp-tongued, well-educated young woman, who isn’t afraid to express her opinions — even though they tend toward controversial in some circles. Steph never apologizes for being her entire self."[2]

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She is first seen in Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space when Kyle receives the medical file of a healthy 19 year old female patient, which he had every test run imaginable on her. She is next seen in the gallery while Kyle is taking some notes from an operation that is taking place below. The two of them get into an argument over universal healthcare. Which she calls unrealistic. As she is putting her stuff away, inside her purse, a bottle of nail polish remover is seen. Kyle also reveals that he knows Steph is the dean of surgery’s daughter.

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I believe you work hard for what you get. Take your biceps. And don’t flatter yourself, I’m making a point. It would be unfair if I looked like you. I don’t put in the work, don’t care. We all have what we deserve.” - Steph to Kyle on what’s wrong with universal healthcare in Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space.

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