So Much For the Afterglow is the second episode in the first season of the re-imagined series Roswell, New Mexico on The CW which aired on January 22, 2019.


Official episode synopsis:

The anniversary of Rosa's death reignites tensions as the town takes aim at Liz and her father, Arturo for what happened on that fateful day 10 years ago. Meanwhile, Max confronts Michael and Isobel who are concerned that his feelings for Liz will expose their secret. Elsewhere, Master Sergeant Manes' attempt to convince Kyle of the alien conspiracy in Roswell takes an unexpected turn. Finally, Liz and Kyle make a shocking revelation about Rosa's death.





  • Telekinesis: Michael used his telekinesis to intimidate Liz by throwing a knife into a nearby cake and by locking the door to the cafe. He later used it to throw Max off of Wyatt to stop him from killing him.
  • Psychic bond / Memory sharing: Max shares his memories of Rosa with Liz via their temporary psychic bond.


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  • Isobel: I heard they're shutting down Foster Ranch. Is that why you're day brooding? You're gonna get another job. Maybe one that's not on the site of the crash that killed our family members in a fiery explosion.
    Michael: I like it there. I always have. When I was a kid, nights when I had to get away from whatever crap home I was in, I would hitch a ride to Foster Homestead Ranch.
    Isobel: So what would you do out there all by yourself at night?
    Michael: Wait. Figured, that was the last place I saw my family, maybe they'd be back. Or maybe, maybe somebody would come and take me home. Oh, for a genius I was a real dumbass.



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