Shapeshifters are alien beings who can alter their appearance to exactly match any human they come in contact with. Two shapeshifters were charged with protecting the Royal Four as they escaped to Earth. These Protectors would later take on the human identities of Kal Langley and Ed Harding, a.k.a. "Nasedo". Indistinguishable from humans externally, a shapeshifter's internal structure remains far from human. However, Kal Langley did not shapeshift for years. Kal claimed this gave his sense organs a chance to function, allowing him to smell chlorine in a pool and later, lemons. The process of shapeshifting involved an outpouring of brilliant light and psychokinetic activity, shaking nearby objects with a great unseen force. On at least one occasion, Nasedo was able to mimic an inanimate object, blending out of the rock wall leading to the Pod Chamber.