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Shades is the fourth overall tie-in novel for the Roswell television series, and the first novel of the second book series.


Official synopsis from the back cover:

Ghost Story
Now that their best chance for returning to the home planet has left without them, the "Czechoslovakian" residents of Roswell (code for aliens) must adjust to a more permanent existence on earth than they were expecting. Seeing a possible future for the two of them, Maria nags Michael about money, sending him packing on a salaried weekend trip to help a geologist study a proposed chemical company site. As the group camps out under the stars, a round of spooky ghost stories provides entertainment -- until one of the guys sees a real ghost. The kicker? Michael can see it too.
River Dog has also been plagued by the shades of the past in recent days, and he brings Max out to the desert to bear witness as the apparition threatens him. He tells Max of an ancient Mesaliko prophecy that tells of vengeance being exacted by the tribe's ancestors if Visitors are allowed to remain among them -- Visitors like Max, Michael, and Isabel. As the hauntings increase in both frequency and violence, the alien teens and their friends know they must uncover the true origin of the phantoms -- whether physical, mystical, or alien -- before the ghosts follow through on their deadly threats.

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Type Publisher Released ISBN
Paperback Simon & Schuster Sep 1, 2002 0-7434-1837-9
Library binding Turtleback Books Sep 1, 2002 0-613-74148-X



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