The Royal Four is a group on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


There was discontent with Zan's rule over Antar; even those who liked him thought him an ineffectual ruler, and popular opinion of Ava (whom Zan had married for love) and Rath weren't all that positive either. Kivar eventually led a rebellion against Zan, which came to a head when Vilandra, who was in love with Kivar, let him into the capital city after he promised that he only wished to speak with the king. Kivar deceived her and attacked, with the Royal Four being killed in the subsequent battle (Vilandra's death possibly being accidental).

Royalist forces, led by the Queen Mother of Antar, salvaged the DNA of the slain Royal Four and created alien-human hybrids so that they could live new lives on Earth, until they were ready to return and free Antar from Kivar's tyranny. The first batch of hybrids were deemed "defective" and so a second set was created that was more appropriate. To maximize the Royal Four's chances, both sets were sent to Earth.

Disaster struck when their ship crashed landed in Roswell, New Mexico, on July 4th, 1947. Nasedo remained in the Roswell area and looked after one batch of hybrids (the ones that were "too human"), while the other batch (who retained many of their original memories) were taken by his compatriot to New York. Each of the Royal Four thus had two clones active on Earth:

Both sets of the Royal Four eventually learned of their destinies: the Roswell hybrids through a message left for them by the Queen Mother, and the New York hybrids through their own memories. Ultimately, however, the Royal Four never returned to Antar. The New York hybrids Lanni and Rath killed their Zan and ruined their chances of return, while three of the four Roswell hybrids, as well as the New York Ava, rejected their pasts in favor of embracing their humanity. Tess eventually returned to Antar as per a deal that Nasedo had made with Kivar, but came back to Earth a year later.


The Royal Four were a group of aliens that ruled their home planet Antar:

  • King Zan was the ruler of Antar, and by extension, the rest of the Five Worlds.
  • Queen Ava was his gracious, but possibly too gentle, wife.
  • Princess Vilandra was Zan's sister, the most beautiful woman in the Five Worlds.
  • General Rath was Zan's second-in-command, and also Vilandra's betrothed.