Standard U.S. English Edit

  • Use standard U.S. English and U.S. spelling. Roswell Wiki is not a blog.

Titles for articles and headings Edit

Use sentence-style capitalization for page names and headings. Capitalize only at the beginning and proper nouns, e.g. use "Image gallery" (lower-case for gallery) instead of "Image Gallery".

Examples of proper noun title capitalization:

  • Sword of Truth
  • The Taming of The Shrew
  • Of Mice and Men
  • And Then There Were None
  • The Same Old Story

Page name qualifiers Edit

A qualifier is added to page names as a form of simple disambiguation to distinguish two pages that would otherwise have the same name. Typically these are "(2019)" for the 2019 TV series Roswell New Mexico pages, "(1999)" for the 1999 TV series Roswell pages, and "(books)" for Roswell High pages.


Page names for characters and actors Edit

Characters and real people should have their article pages named in the following format:

For cast and crew, use the name they use in the show credits.

For characters, use the name they go by most commonly, e.g. "Liz Ortecho" not "Elizabeth Ortecho".

Page names for relationships Edit

Relationship page names should have the characters' first names separated by an ampersand (&). The characters' names should be in order of importance in the show, i.e. credits order.


  • Liz & Max (2019) - Liz's actress Jeanine Mason is first-credited, so Liz is named first. The page uses the qualifier "(2019)" to distinguish it from Liz & Max (1999).
  • Alex & Forrest - Alex is a main character and Forrest is a guest character, so Alex is named first. No qualifier (e.g. "(2019)") is used because there's no distinction needed from another page.
  • Michael & Alex & Maria - Named in credit order for the actors.

Page setup Edit

Each page should generally follow the setup used for other similar pages. Exceptions can be made if a special aspect is notable enough to require a non-standard section.

Character page setup Edit

Character pages should use the character template, and have the following sections in this order:

  • Appearance (description of physical appearance)
  • Character (overview of basic character traits)
  • History (pre-series information, such as childhood)
  • Plot (brief summary of involvement/development in the series)
  • Powers and abilities
  • Gallery
  • Trivia
  • Quotes
  • Adaptations (for book characters only)
  • Navigation
  • References

The opening sentence of the page should include the character's name, their type of role, and what series they are from, for example:

Episode page setup Edit

Episode pages should use the episode template and have the following sections in this order:

  • Synopsis (use the official synopsis if available)
  • Plot (full summary, split into acts if possible)
  • Cast and characters (include the following information within the section, sub-sections are not needed)
    • Starring
    • Guest starring (if any)
    • Co-starring (if any)
    • Additional cast (if any cast are not credited, such as Jonathan Frakes in the original series)
    • Additional characters (if any, these are characters who take some action in the episode but are unseen/uncredited, such as if they send a text message, or a phone conversation in which their voice is not heard)
    • Mentioned (if any)
  • Powers (a description of powers used in the episode)
  • Trivia
  • Quotes
  • Gallery
    • Images
    • Videos
  • Navigation
  • External links
  • References

Cast and crew page setup Edit

Cast pages should use the cast template, and crew pages should use the crew template. If an individual is both cast and crew, use the cast template. Page should include the following sections in this order:

  • Overview (brief general summary of their early life and career, and specific information with their work on the Roswell series)
  • Gallery
    • Images (related to their involvement in the series, such as behind the scenes images)
    • Videos (interviews about their work on the show or similar)
  • Trivia
  • Navigation
  • External links
  • References

Do not try to thoroughly document of a cast/crew member's life and career on Roswell Wiki; leave that to Wikipedia and IMDB. Cast/Crew pages should offer a general and brief overview of the individual's life and work outside the series. Specific information regarding their work on the Roswell series is welcome and encouraged.

Categories Edit

Use the existing categories to organize pages on the wiki. Check with an administrator before creating new categories.

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see: Hidden Categories
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