Roswell Community Medical is a hospital in the CW science fiction TV series Roswell, New Mexico. It is the hospital where Kyle Valenti and later Liz Ortecho work.


When Liz isn't sure that she's been shot, she goes to see Kyle at Roswell Community Medical and he performs tests to ensure she's all right.[1] They later have a follow up appointment when Liz asks for Kyle to pull Rosa's autopsy for her. Kyle realizes that the autopsy on file at the hospital is a fake.[2]

After the city-wide blackout, Victor Franco is admitted into ICU and is in need of surgery, but Dr. Kindelay cannot risk operating on him with failing power. After Kyle challenges him, Max Evans discreetly brings the power back on at the hospital, and Victor is immediately prepped for life-saving surgery.[3]

When Max is shot by Wyatt Long, he is taken to the hospital for treatment, but he leaves without receiving proper treatment because he can't risk anyone discovering he isn't human.[4] Wyatt, who was also shot by Max, is kept in traction at the hospital while handcuffed to his hospital bed.[5]

When Isobel Evans-Bracken admits that she is potentially a danger to others, Max asks Kyle for a favor to get her admitted into a room where she'll be locked in.[5]


  • Dr. Kyle Valenti, a surgeon[1]
  • Liz Ortecho, a biomedical engineer
  • Dr. Yolanda Avila, interviews Liz for the research position[4]
  • Dr. Kindelay, a surgeon who treats Victor Franco[3]



Facilities and locations within Roswell Community Medical:

  • Intensive Care Unit, where Victor Franco is treated
  • Operating Room, where Victor Franco is taken for surgery
  • Liz's lab room, where Liz conducts her research
  • Kyle's work room, where Kyle shows Liz her sister's files and where he stores personal belongings
  • Mental health rooms where Isobel stays for treatment



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