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Season 1 of the first season of American science fiction series Roswell aired on The WB television network.


The town of Roswell, New Mexico, has been haunted for decades with accounts of a looming alien presence. The popular television series ROSWELL, created by Jason Katims, takes that concept one step further, and follows the lives of teenage human-alien hybrids trying to make sense of their place between two worlds, with all the standard issues of teen angst thrown in to complicate life even further. Blending straight drama with elements of science fiction and fantasy, ROSWELL is an engaging drama that works on numerous levels.



Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker
Jason Behr as Max Evans
Colin Hanks as Alex Whitman
Katherine Heigl as Isabel Evans
Majandra Delfino as Maria DeLuca
Brendan Fehr as Michael Guerin
Nick Wechsler as Kyle Valenti
William Sadler as Sheriff Jim Valenti

Recurring cast[]

Emilie de Ravin as Tess Harding
Diane Farr as Amy DeLuca
John Doe as Jeff Parker
Jo Anderson as Nancy Parker
Garrett M. Brown as Philip Evans
Mary Ellen Trainor as Diane Evans

Guest starring[]

Julie Benz as Kathleen Topolsky
Jim Ortleib as Nasedo
Ned Romero as River Dog
Jason Peck as Deputy Hanson
Robert F. Lyons as Hank Whitmore
Steve Hytner as Milton Ross
Michael Horse as Deputy Owen Blackwood
Richard Schiff as Agent Stevens
Kevin Weisman & Wendle Josepher as Larry & Jen
David Conrad as Agent Daniel Pierce


# Title Air Date Director Writer
1 Pilot Oct 6, 1999 David Nutter Jason Katims

In the small town famous for the supposed UFO crash of 1947, Liz Parker learns Max Evans' out-of-this-world secret when he saves her life.

2 The Morning After Oct 13, 1999 David Nutter Jason Katims

Liz tries to maintain her relationship with Kyle despite her deep bond with Max; Michael is obsessed with the idea that there was another hybrid in Roswell in 1959. Meanwhile, Liz suspects the new guidance counselor Ms. Topolsky is hiding something, especially when she sees her with Michael's file.

3 Monsters Oct 20, 1999

Maria's fears of the aliens are heightened when she has an encounter with Isabel who freely uses her powers to taunt her. Meanwhile, Max has accepted a job at the local UFO museum with Curator, MILTON ROSS, in order to find out all he can about the Crash.

4 Leaving Normal Oct 27, 1999

After an encounter with Kyle's friends over Liz, Max realizes he may be risking revealing their secret. Meanwhile, Liz is delighted by the arrival of her grandmother CLAUDIA, whom she's always admired.

5 Missing 3 Nov 1999

Liz freaks out when she realises her diary is missing and Maria accidentally accuses Alex of having taken it, who is fed up with being left out. When Liz tells Max, he freaks out at the thought that Kyle might've learned their secret.

6 285 South 10 Nov 1999

285south-PDVD 057.jpg
Acting impulsively, Michael heads south in search of the geodesic dome (building) he saw in a vision. Maria is an initially unwilling travelling companion, although they earn some grudging, mutual respect during the trip. Pretty much all the major characters end up heading south on Highway 285, in hot pursuit.

7 River Dog 17 Nov 1999

A symbol on the mysterious pendant that Isobel recovered in the previous episode causes Liz to volunteer for a trip to the local Indian reservation, to gather information. There she meets River Dog, an old man who may be able to tell the aliens a great deal about where they come from.

8 Blood Brother 24 Nov 1999

Max ends up in hospital after a car accident, and as part of his treatment, the staff perform a routine blood test. With the FBI agents sniffing around, it's vital that the somebody pulls a switch, such that the blood they get is human. Now, where are they going to get some suitable human blood from? They get it from Alex, who finally takes a stand and tells off Liz.

9 Heat Wave 1 Dec 1999

A heat wave is scorching Roswell in Dec and the heat throws people together. Isabel decides to take it upon herself to check if Alex is a risk, Kyle seems to be moving on, while Maria and Michael seem to be heating up and Liz feels it's time to move forward.

10 The Balance 15 Dec 1999

After Michael finds something about their past that Max got at the reservation, Michael takes it upon himself to find some answers. Alex decides to get to know Isabel and sees the evidence of their story for himself. When Michael gets sick, Max and Liz return to see River Dog and ask him for help.

11 The Toy House 19 Jan 2000

Max saves his mother DIANE EVANS from a grease fire in their kitchen, prompting her suspicions – and house calls from a determined Valenti. Isabel, Michael and Max all try to navigate the situation, with Isabel having a hard time lying to her mother. After being dumped by Max, Liz reaches out to Kyle.

12 Into The Woods 26 Jan 2000

The annual Roswell High father-son camping trip brings the whole group together for the weekend – Michael to continue the search for Nasedo and answers about their past. Alex and Isabel get closer, while Liz tries to reach out to Max.

13 The Convention 2 Feb 2000

200px-Jim Valenti.jpg
Trying to relay thoughts of Liz, Max dives headfirst into working the Roswell UFO convention, and meets a seasoned alien hunter named EVERETT HUBBLE. Alex is shot down by Isabel, who finds the attention overwhelming and Michael meets Maria's mom, Amy DeLuca, for the first time.

14 Blind Date 9 Feb 2000

Maria signs a surprised Liz up for a blind date radio contest, which has the interesting side effect of bringing Max and Kyle together. Meanwhile, Alex is hoping to open for a big name playing the radio contest gig, but is in need of a lead singer. Michael and Isabel decide to try and contact Nasedo.

15 Independence Day 16 Feb 2000

Michael comes to school sporting a black eye, following a beating from his drunk foster father, Hank. Max worries about him and urges him to let the Evans' parents help Michael.

16 Sexual Healing 1 Mar 2000

Not being able to contain their feelings any longer, Liz and Max give in to their attraction and share an intense kiss. Liz, however, experiences visions of Space that neither her nor Max are able to explain.

17 Crazy 10 Apr 2000

Together again, Max and Liz go up to ‘make-out point.' The two are interrupted by Agent Topolsky who warns them there is an alien hunter aware of Max's existence.

18 Tess, Lies and Videotape 17 Apr 2000

Suspicions about the new girl, Tess, are further raised when everyone notices Max is oddly drawn to her. Isabel and Michael each explore Tess's identity, but neither can prove she is anything but a normal high school student.

19 Four-Square 24 Apr 2000

Now thinking Tess is the fourth alien, the shape-shifter Nasedo, the kids decide to stay close to each other. Michael and Isabel begin having sexual dreams about each other confusing their relationship.

20 Max To The Max 1 May 2000

With Tess's help, Max, Isabel and Michael discover the pod chamber where they were born. Wanting to flush out Pierce, Nasedo takes the form of Max and kidnaps Liz.

21 The White Room 8 May 2000

Max is interrogated and tortured by Agent Pierce, but knows nothing about what Pierce is asking him. Nasedo teaches Michael that he has more power than he ever knew; he just needs to learn how to channel it.

22 Destiny 15 May 2000

After escaping the FBI the gang splits up with only Max and Liz missing. Valenti has his suspicions confirmed.


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