River Dog is the seventh episode of Season 1 on The WB sci-fi series Roswell.


A symbol on the mysterious pendant that Isobel recovered in the previous episode causes Liz to volunteer for a trip to the local Indian reservation, to gather information. There she meets River Dog, an old man who may be able to tell the aliens a great deal about where they come from.


Topolsky realizes she has missed the kids, who have escaped from the dome with the Atherton files. Once home, Isabel shows a pendant to Max that she found at Atherton's. Each admits to recognizing the symbol on the pendant, although neither is sure of the meaning. Max decides to hide the files under his bed until everyone can go through them together. Later at school, Liz confronts Kyle asking him to keep quiet about what happened in Texas. Kyle agrees but promises he's going to bury Max Evans someday. As Max and Isabel arrive home from school, they discover Sheriff Valenti at their home. Valenti tells them they have been robbed, and Max and Isabel soon discover the Atherton files have been stolen. During the robbery investigation, Deputy Blackwood makes a comment to Isabel about her pendant saying he hasn't seen that symbol since his days on the reservation. Feeling the aliens are being watched, Liz volunteers to take the pendant to the reservation to see what information she can obtain about the symbol. Her quest leads her to a Native American man, RIVER DOG, who warns her the symbol means death. Liz runs off in fear.

The next day an Indian teen, EDDIE, tells Liz that River Dog wants to meet her again. Michael and Isabel stage a fake-out for Topolsky, who they have discovered is secretly following them, as Max and Liz go to the reservation. Eddie greets Max and Liz telling them there will be a test once they meet River Dog. After Eddie abandons them, Liz and Max discover a cave. When Max uses his powers to light up the cave, River Dog tells Max he has passed the test. River Dog then shows Max and Liz a cave painting containing symbols familiar to Max. River Dog tells them the fourth alien, Nasedo, who lived among his tribe until Atherton came, was the one who did the painting. River Dog also explains Nasedo and Atherton became quick friends, but for reasons unknown to him, Nasedo killed Atherton. As they leave, Max holds out his hand to Liz. River Dog stops Liz warning her to be cautious of Max. Liz makes the choice to accept Max's hand and they leave the cave together. Back at The Crashdown, Michael and Maria's bickering leads to a moment of passion — and a first kiss. Valenti confronts Topolsky, telling her he knows she was the one who knocked him out at the dome. He further tells her he knows she's a federal agent, and threatens to expose her. Topolsky offers the two work side by side.

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  • Richard Anthony Crenna as Agent Baxter
  • Toochis Morin as Native American Woman


  • Liz writes in her journal on November 11th.



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