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Ray Iburg is a recurring supporting character in the Roswell High book series. He owns the UFO museum, and he is a survivor of the 1947 UFO crash.


Max describes Ray:[2]

His hair was kind of thinning on top, and it had some gray in it. But his skin looked like it could be in the “after” part of a pimple cream commercial. It was clear and smooth. Max didn’t even see one wrinkle.

Ray's aura is "shining white, with whorls of peaceful green and blue."[3][4][5][1]


Ray was previously a scientist researching human life on Earth. A stowaway aboard their ship caused them to crash on Earth, which Ray survived. He's taken multiple identities over the years, changing his appearance for each one.

Ray is the one who rescued the three alien pods from the crash and hid them in the cave. These pods held Max, Michael, Isabel, and Nikolas. Since Ray couldn't be certain that he wasn't being watched by the government, he kept his distance and let them grow up without him to keep them safe. It was finally okay to reveal himself and work with them after Max applied for a job at the UFO museum, since Max initiated contact.

Ray comes off as fun and easy-going, and he is eccentric in the UFO conspiracies that he displays at the UFO museum. Max describes him as "cool" and "crazy,"[6][7][8] and Michael thinks he looks like a "laid-back guy with nothing to hide."[3] This covers up his deep sadness of losing his friends in the crash, and that he will likely never again see his home world.

Ray is helpful and supportive of Max, Michael, and Isabel. He comes to their rescue when Sheriff Valenti nearly catches them at the mall.[9] After they learn the truth that he's an alien, he begins training them how to better use their powers so they can protect themselves. Ray is equally welcoming to their human friends Liz, Maria, and Alex. He regularly offers them all Lime Warp drinks.


Being an alien, Ray has use of all the various powers that aliens possess. He is much stronger than the main characters in the series.


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For the 1999 Roswell television series, Ray is not a character. The UFO Center is owned by Brody Davis, a human millionaire who believes he's been abducted by aliens.

For the 2019 Roswell, New Mexico television series, Ray is not a character. The UFO Emporium is owned by Grant Green, an eccentric human who spreads alien conspiracy misinformation.



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