Queen Ava was the queen of Antar and former self of Tess Harding.


Ava was married to King Zan (Max's former self). Zan first saw Ava sitting on Dimaras Rock on Antar, and was so struck by her loveliness that he was terrified of approaching her. His friend Larek, who was with him at the time, approached her on his king's behalf. The couple were soon wed. Queen Ava was ultimately killed at the climax of Kivar's rebellion. Her DNA was salvaged by her mother-in-law and used to create two alien-human hybrids of her: Tess Harding and Ava.

Since the New York Hybrids seem to retain their memories of their original lives, it's possible that Ava's somewhat timid but ultimately good-natured personality is a more accurate reflection of Queen Ava's temperament than Tess's ruthlessness.