Shapeshifters charged with protecting the Royal Four, the Protectors later took on the human identities of Kal Langley and Ed Harding, a.k.a. Nasedo.


After the 1947 Crash, the Protectors were captured and taken to Eagle Rock Military Base. Nasedo escaped, and Kal was studied for another three years. The two shapeshifters returned to Roswell in 1959, where Nasedo killed UFO researcher James Atherton. Kal worked as a clapper loader on the set of the film, They Are Among Us, whose lead actress was killed by a freak lightning strike. In 1960, Nasedo cut a deal with Kivar. In 1989, Kal went to New York City to witness the Dupes coming out of their pods. Kal abandoned his charges shortly thereafter and went to Los Angeles to become a successful producer. Meanwhile, in Roswell, New Mexico, Nasedo arrived at the Pod Chamber to retrieve Tess Harding, the last of the Royal Four to awaken.