Project Shepherd is a government operation in the CW science fiction TV series Roswell, New Mexico. The project was created by the U.S. Air Force to protect Earth from aliens following the 1947 UFO crash.


Project Shepherd was formed after an alien ship crashed in Roswell, New Mexico on June 14, 1947. The death of Kyle Valenti's ancestor Hector Valenti was a catalyst for the operation, according to Master Sergeant Jesse Manes. The Manes family and the Valenti family have been a part of Project Shepherd since its founding.[1]

In 1947, Lieutenant Colonel Harlan Manes oversaw the recording of an autopsy of an alien woman recovered from the crash site. The woman had an alien symbol on the palm of her hand.[2]

In October 1948, the project raided the Long farm to bring in two alien women who got away the night of the crash. One of them, Nora Truman, was apprehended. The other, Louise, was shot but managed to get away. Walt Sanders witnessed the event and escaped.

In 2008, Project Shepherd created Rosa Ortecho's fake autopsy to cover up the evidence that she was murdered by an alien.[3][4]

In 2010, Project Shepherd was officially shut down by the government. Jesse Manes continued the project using his own money.[5]


Kyle Valenti contacts Jesse Manes when he sees a handprint on Liz Ortecho, following the instruction left by his deceased father to contact Manes if he were to see a handprint. Manes brings Kyle into the operation, revealing to him that aliens really exist.[1] In return, he asks Kyle for information from his father. Manes provides Kyle with the classified records of Rosa Ortecho's autopsy, and in return Kyle gives Manes copies of his father's letters.[3]

Upon independently learning of the existence of aliens, Alex Manes confronts his father and hacks into the Project Shepherd database. He sends his father out of Roswell, threatening to expose him for violating orders if he ever returns, and shuts down Project Shepherd. Before leaving town, Manes tells Jenna Cameron to keep an eye on things for him, and threatens her sister as leverage.[5]

Alex brings Jenna to the Project Shepherd facility when she goes to him for help. She shares police files on fourteen murders where all the victims had handprints on their bodies. The autopsies were signed off by a Dr. Jane Holden who works at Roswell Community Medical. Alex calls in Kyle who confirms that no such doctor exists, meaning Dr. Holden is a farce created by Project Shepherd. Alex and Kyle tell Jenna about aliens, and Alex re-opens Project Shepherd to look into the alien serial killer.[4]

When Jesse Manes returned to Roswell, he also returned to the Project Shepherd bunker.[6] The bunker has not been in use since, and Alex and the team have moved their research operations to a new secured facility at an abandoned Native American school that was acquired by the air force.



  • In the original Roswell High book series, the organization after aliens is called Project Clean Slate.


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