Project Clean Slate is an alien-research organization in the Roswell High book series. Sheriff Valenti is the main face of the project and he runs it as an anti-alien project, but Mr. Manes later states that it is not anti-alien.


Valenti reveals the existence of Project Clean Slate to Liz Ortecho when he interrogates her about the handprint his son Kyle saw on her stomach. He brings her to a morgue and shows her a dead body with a handprint on the corpse's chest, which Valenti believes means the man was killed by an alien. Liz denies any knowledge of aliens, and she later informs Max Evans and the others of Project Clean Slate.[1]

When Max is going through his akino, Ray Iburg says that Max needs to connect to the collective consciousness, and to do so he needs communication stones from the alien ship that crashed in 1947. The group is able to track the location of the ship to an underground Project Clean Slate compound, apparently run by Valenti. The group break into the compound, but Ray is killed and Michael Guerin is kidnapped. Isabel Evans is able to get out with the communication stones, allowing Max to connect to the collective consciousness.[2]

While held at the compound, Michael meets Adam, a fellow alien who has been raised entirely at the Project Clean Slate compound and calls Sherrif Valenti "daddy." A human teenager Cameron Winger is also brought to the compound, apparently to test her psychic abilities, but she is actually a plant to get information from Michael about the other aliens in Roswell. In an escape attempt, Adam gets away, but Michael and Cameron are recaptured. Adam helps the group break back into the compound, but Adam abandons the plan, kills Sheriff Valenti, and sets the entire compound on fire, nearly killing everyone. It's later revealed that Adam was being controlled by another alien.[3]

The group later tries to dig up the ship from the destroyed compound, but they leave when another car approaches. The ship is removed by someone else, and the group suspects more Project Clean Slate members.

It's later revealed that Alex Manes's father Mr. Manes is another agent of Project Clean Slate. Unlike Valenti, Mr. Manes is not anti-alien and claims that neither is Project Clean Slate. He does have alien-targeted technology that he uses against Elsevan DuPris, including an alien-tracking device and an alien-killing gas weapon. When Manes discovers that Alex's friends are aliens, he takes no action against them. When Alex asks for his father's help to save Isabel, Manes tells him where to find what he needs while saying he doesn't want to know the details, indicating that he is not inclined to document the alien activity associated with his son's friends.

Members and associates

  • Sheriff Valenti
  • Towner, a guard
  • Dr. Brian Doyle
  • Eaton, a guard
  • Mr. Manes, Alex's father, a retired air force major



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