Nora Truman is a character in The CW 2019 television series Roswell, New Mexico. She is Michael Guerin's mother who survived the 1947 crash. Nora is primarily portrayed by Kayla Ewell.

The character was initially named Mara in the credits in season 1, but the name was not used in the show; her name was changed to Nora for season 2.

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As a young woman, Nora has shoulder-length blonde hair, a slender build, and fair skin. She appears to Michael in white linen.

As an elderly woman, Nora has lost all of her hair, and she is dressed is ragged clothes while held in prison.

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After surviving the 1947 UFO Crash, Nora was confronted by Tripp Manes and the other military members outside of the UFO. Nora was shot, but managed to escape with numerous pods and another mysterious, unnamed woman. Shortly after — needing medical attention along with her acquaintance — she comes across a small house in the distance. The man gives the two shelter and helps sew up their wounds;[1] he does, however, remark that they must leave the following day.

Upon waking the following day, the man notices that his harvest has grown, and attributes this to Nora. In an effort to thank her, he allows her to stay.[2] Over a year later in October 1948, she was captured by Project Shepherd. She was held at Caulfield prison with the other alien survivors.

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When Michael, Alex, and Kyle break into Caulfield prison to investigate, Michael finds the captured aliens and recognizes Nora. He tries to break her out of the cell, but he is unable to do so and the facility begins a countdown for destruction to keep the aliens contained. Alex begs Michael to leave but he refuses. Nora places her hand on the glass dividing them, and when Michael touches her hand, they share a psychic connection. She tells Michael that she's his mother and that she loves him and to run. Michael reluctantly does so, and Nora dies in the explosion of Caulfield.[3]

Alex later tries to give Michael her file from Project Shepherd, in which she was designated Subject N-39, but Michael doesn't want it.[4] Michael later goes back to Alex about the file, and Alex tells him that his mother's name was Nora Truman, and that she wasn't captured until over a year after the crash.[5]

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  • Telekinesis: Nora has been shown to have telekinesis, when a solider was about to shoot her but, she deflected the gun out of his hand.
    • Telekinetic Blasts: Nora has been shown to create a telekinetic blast wave as shown when a solider tried to shoot her she blasted him down and ran away the night her spaceship crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.
  • Psychic Communication: Nora shows the alien ability to form a psychic connection through close (but indirect) contact, such as by touching Michael's hand through the glass.[3]

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Nora appears in the following episodes:

Roswell, New Mexico 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Season 1 episodes
Season 2 episodes

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  • Showrunner Carina Adly MacKenzie stated that the character's name was changed from Mara to Nora because Mara sounded too much like Maria.[6]
  • According to Roy Bronson, Nora was very intelligent with a gift for engineering. This is a trait shared by her son Michael, and they have both tried to rebuild a ship to return to their homeworld.
    • Nora and Michael also share the same power of telekinesis.
  • Although Nora and Louise both took the surname Truman, they are not sisters.[7]

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