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"I want to be here for you. But you have to come clean, you have to tell me the truth. That is the only way this can work."
―Noah, speaking to Isobel[src]

Noah Bracken is one of the main characters on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. He is Isobel's husband who believes that there is a secret in his wife's past. Noah is portrayed by Karan Oberoi.


Official character description for season one:[1]

"Isobel's sexy, charming and devoted husband who senses a secret in his wife that’s starting to tear them apart."

Noah appears to be a supportive husband who loves his wife. He accepts Isobel's codependent relationship with her brothers Max and Michael. When Isobel finally tells him that she's an alien, he stays with her and supports her. Max describes him as being good like a "golden retriever."[2]

It is later revealed that Noah is an alien and murderer. He repeatedly took control of Isobel's body while she was blacked out, and he takes control of others during their blackouts as well. He is responsible for at least seventeen murders; for fifteen of them, he used his powers to absorb the victim's energy to sustain his body, which has deteriorated after he was trapped in a defective pod for decades.

Noah has kept close to Isobel, Max, and Michael to leverage them for a ride home. According to Noah, whoever won the war on their home planet wouldn't leave the three of them on Earth. Noah intended to go with them as family, but later intends to put them back in their pods until the victors arrive for them.


Noah was aboard an alien ship of refugees fleeing a war-torn planet when it crashed in 1947 in Roswell. He hid while humans killed his people. He moved his pod underground and went back inside it, but the pod was broken in the crash, and he was trapped for decades while his body deteriorated.

In 2004, Isobel released a "psychic scream" when she was attacked in the desert, which Noah heard. Her traumatic blackouts allowed Noah into her mind so he could experience the outside world, which he continued to do for years.[2] During this time in Isobel's body, he met and fell in love with Rosa Ortecho. He killed Kate Long and Jasmine Frederick because they were harassing Rosa. He killed Rosa when she rejected him, and he was able to absorb her life force and heal himself. He has murdered at least thirteen additional people over the years, taking their life force to keep himself strong. His last known victim before the start of the series is Carla, whom he killed on Cinco de Mayo of 2018.

Noah married Isobel and became a lawyer.


When Rosa's death starts getting more closely examined, Noah begins taking steps to keep it covered up. Using Wyatt Long, he kills Grant Green and tries to kill Liz Ortecho, who's been looking into her sister's death. When Isobel starts getting her memories back, he takes control of Connor Smith to shoot up the hospital to stop Isobel from getting more of Liz's antidote that could help bring back more memories. He slips a smoke bomb into Michael's jacket pocket that releases a substance that renders Michael powerless, and he knocks out Max, and locks both Max and Michael underground in Michael's bunker, presumably leaving them there to die. At the UFO Emporium Reopening Gala, he drugs Maria DeLuca and uses her to steal Liz's serum, although it's a decoy setup by Liz.[3]

Liz realizes that Noah's the fourth alien they've been searching for when she looks at his blood under a microscope. She hides in the backseat of his car and injects him with the serum, rendering him powerless.[3] The group puts Noah in one of the pods to hold him until they decide what to do with him, but he gets out early. After questioning him, Max and Isobel are content to let him die from the serum, but Michael disagrees because he wants answers.[2] Michael tries to get him out of there, but Noah turns on him and nearly kills him and escapes. He first targets Liz, but when that doesn't work he kills Hank Gibbons, absorbing his energy to revitalize himself. He drags Isobel and Max to the pods and mentally summons Michael, intending to put them all back into the pods, but Max kills him.[4]

Isobel and Michael later find Noah's pod in a cave filled with personal items related to Rosa, and Rosa is preserved in his pod.[4]

Powers and Abilities[]


Noah is an alien with exceptionally strong powers due to the fact that he has killed so many people, allowing him to absorb their life forces and augment his own powers.

  • Mental Possession: Noah's primary ability is that he can mentally possess others, allowing him to control the bodies of those who have blacked out. He regularly possessed Isobel due to her having frequent traumatic blackouts, and he has possessed others like Wyatt Long, Connor Smith, and Maria DeLuca.
  • Life Force Absorption: Noah can absorb the life force from others to heal himself and make himself stronger. He was able to use this power while possessing Isobel, allowing him to absorb Rosa's life force and fuel his own, making him strong enough to escape his damaged pod. Over the years, he used this power on fourteen other people (including Hank Gibbons) to heal or empower himself.
    • Psychic Imprint: As a side effect of his life absorption power, Noah is able to leave a psychic imprint on the bodies of his victims that resembles an oddly colored handprint. He tried to absorb the life force of Liz Ortecho but failed, allowing the two to sense each other's feelings through the leftover mark.
  • Psychic Communication: Noah can mentally communicate with people, and he communicated with Michael to tell him where he was in the season 1 finale.
  • Telekinesis: Noah can move objects with his mind. He used this power to stop Liz from running away and to move a knife out of her reach. He also used this power to deflect a bullet when Max tried to shoot him.


  • Legal: Noah is a lawyer.



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Episode 3:

  • "Isobel Evans-Bracken, you are my person, and you always have been. And I would very much like it if I could be yours."

Episode 5:

  • "I want to be here for you. But you have to come clean, you have to tell me the truth. That is the only way this can work."

Episode 7:

  • Max: "Listen, maybe you're doing the right thing. Splitting up."
    Noah: "... That's not really the pep talk I came here for."
  • "I don't care what you think I deserve, Max. I am not giving up on my wife."

Episode 12:

  • "Destruction is chaos is entropy is energy is power is victory."