Nikolas Branson is a character in the Roswell High book series. He debuts as a main character of the second book The Wild One. He is a high school student who returns to Roswell and is later revealed to be an alien. He becomes romantically involved with Isabel Evans.


Liz describes Nikolas:[1]

He had dark brown hair that fell to his shoulders and light brown eyes. His high cheekbones and his nose, which had obviously been broken a few times, gave his face a severe look. At least until you noticed his lips, which were full and sensual.

Isabel describes his eyes as golden brown "like tiger eyes."[2][3] Liz, Maria, and Isabel all think he is attractive.

Nikolas's aura color is gold.[4]


Nikolas is disdainful of humans. The first time he speaks with the group, he interrupts Liz, saying, "I don’t listen to insects."[5] He knocks out a security guard and likens it to "swatt[ing] a fly or stepp[ing] on a cockroach."[6] He later casually attacks Liz and causes a brain bleed, and she would have died if Max hadn't been there to heal her.[7]

Nikolas is casual about using his powers, and he uses them often in public without regard to being caught.


Nikolas, Isabel, Michael, and Max were in pods when their alien ship crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. A survivor of the crash moved their pods to safety in a cave. The four children remained in stasis for about forty years. Nikolas woke from his pod first, and eventually left the cave when he got cold and hungry. He dragged his pod with him, which is why his pod wasn't in the cave with the others. He got adopted and his adoptive family moved to California a few months later.[8]

A few months before his introduction in the second book, Nikolas started getting dreams and visions, and he knew he had to return. He arranged for his family to move back to Roswell.[8] Nikolas enrolled at Ulysses F. Olsen High and joined the football team.


Before he and Isabel formally meet, he uses his powers at a football game when the rival team's mascot torments Isabel while she's cheerleading. He later uses his powers while she's on a date with Alex Manes so she wins a free game at miniature golf. Not knowing it's him, Isabel dream walks into Nikolas's dream.

Nikolas and Isabel later start seeing each other. Isabel introduces him to the group, but he insults the humans as insects and immediately everyone else dislikes him. Nikolas gets Isabel to break into a bowling alley with him, and he attacks a security guard.

One night, Nikolas and Isabel break into a mall to have fun. Sheriff Valenti finds Nikolas while Isabel is in a changing room, and Valenti shoots Nikolas in the back, killing him. Witnessing his death traumatizes Isabel.


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  • Nikolas tells Isabel that he arranged for his family to return to Roswell. With his casual use of powers and his disdain for humans, it's suggested that he used his powers on his adoptive parents to get them to return.


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