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New Roswell High School is a high school that was attended by many of the main characters in The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico.


In high school, Max Evans and Liz Ortecho were biology lab partners and members of the science club.

In April 2008, Max accidentally caused a blackout.

In June 2008, Max, Liz, and most of the main characters graduated.

In June 2018, the class of 2008 had its 10 year reunion, which was organized by Isobel Evans-Bracken. Kyle Valenti missed the reunion.


Class of 2008:

Class of 2006:

Other former students:

  • Kate Long, possibly class of 2008[4]
  • Jasmine Frederick, possibly class of 2008
  • Wyatt Long, possibly class of 2012[5]
  • Kelly "Sommer-something"[6], possibly class of 2008
  • Haley Moore[6], possibly class of 2008
  • Gregory Manes, presumably class of 2005 or 2007 since he went to school at the same time as the class of 2008
  • Clay Manes


  • Coach Wiggins,[7] caught Liz and Kyle in the eraser room in their junior year



  • The high school was first shown in flashback in episode 1.06 Smells Like Teen Spirit.
  • The high school gymnasium is named Jared Parsons Memorial Gymnasium. This is in honor of actor Nathan Dean Parsons's younger brother Jared Parsons who committed suicide in February 2018.[8]
  • The "eraser room" that Liz mentions in episode 2.04 is a homage to the original Roswell television series; the main couples often visited the eraser room of their high school to make out.


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