"I've been a lot of different people you don't even know about."
Nasedo is a recurring character on WB sci-fi series Roswell. He is portrayed mainly by Jim Ortlieb.


Nasedo is an alien shapeshifter from the planet Antar, who came to earth in the 1947 crash. His supposed job is to protect the Royal four who are Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding. However, out of the four he only raised Tess, who has honed her alien powers more adequately than the rest of the aliens. Nasedo's main power is shape-shifting into anyone and that power becomes useful for the group many times. At the beginning, Nasedo's behavior toward the royal four is not so transparent and instead of protecting them he ends up leading them to danger. The most memorable example is in the episode "Max to the Max", when he assumes Max's form in order to take Liz and use her to get Pierce's attention on him. The real Max, trying to protect his girlfriend, gets captured by Pierce and the FBI. Nasedo is not really their protector like he said at the beginning. In the episode "Departure", Tess reveals that Nasedo made a deal with Kivar 40 years earlier to return home with a son from Max and to deliver Max, Michael and Isabel to Kivar, whose intentions are to kill them to eliminate any trace of the royal four.

Series arc

Nasedo first appears to the group in another form, when he shapeshifts into Dr. Malcolm Margolin, but from the very first episode we hear bits and pieces about Nasedo. Nasedo dies in the first episode of season two "Skin & Bones"; he is killed by new aliens called Skins. He goes to Max and dies in his arms after telling Max about the Skins. However, it is not clear how he was killed and why