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Mr. Jones is the thirteenth episode of season 2 of Roswell, New Mexico and the twenty-sixth episode of the series overall. It aired on June 15, 2020 and is also the season finale.


Official synopsis for Mr. Jones from The CW:

SEASON FINALE — Having realized that a deadly threat has infiltrated CrashCon, the busiest event of the year, Liz (Jeanine Mason) realizes that she can’t save everyone she loves — and with Max (Nathan Dean) facing immediate danger, she and Isobel must make a heart-wrenching choice. Meanwhile, Michael (Michael Vlamis) finds himself caught up in the conflict between Jesse (Trevor St. John) and Alex (Tyler Blackburn) once again, even as Maria’s (Heather Hemmens) life hangs in the balance elsewhere, and Kyle (Michael Trevino) faces a moral dilemma when the enemy requires medical attention.

Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Christopher Hollier & Carina Adly MacKenzie (#213). Original airdate 6/15/2020.

Plot summary[]

Act I[]

The gang continues their attempts in trying to save the various CrashCon attendees from an attack perpetrated by Jesse Manes. Isobel is doing her best to keep the fire away from the alien bomb. Liz, who had been performing CPR on Max, rushes up with the solution she’s concocted to stop the explosion.

Rosa has now taken over the CPR and, thankfully, Max is revived for a second time. Of course Kyle joins Rosa and Max in the action, but when Max asks to check if Flint is still alive. Angry and disappointed, Kyle asks Max what he did this time. Unbeknownst to him that Flint had been trying to kill Max moments prior. He doesn’t hear out Max explain himself, nor does Max even try. Instead, Kyle asks his halfsister to help him take Flint to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Charlie struggles to breathe while still handcuffed to a radiator in the burning house. Helena returns and it’s obvious she didn’t expect to find Charlie still inside the house. Thankfully, she has bolt cutters with her and mentions how no one but Jesse Manes was supposed to get hurt.

Maria is rushed through the halls of the hospital on a gurney, face covered with blood and with a worried Jenna Cameron at her side.

Back at CrashCon, Liz finishes coating the bomb, which is encircled by fire, with her solution. Liz tries to get Isobel to run and save as many people as she can. However, Isobel refuses to leave Liz behind.

The CrashCon attendees have apparently gotten the message that the place is about to go up in flames and scurry to leave.

Gregory Manes remains in place between his dad, Jesse , and Michael so that Jesse doesn’t have a clear shot. Jesse knocks out his oldest son and Alex reacts by tackling his dad and knocking the gun away. Michael retrieves the atomizer as Alex yells at him to get it away from his brother.

Jesse gets the upper hand, grabs his gun, and once again points it at Michael.

The alien bomb begins to crack open and Isobel yanks Liz out of harm’s way. They watch as the bomb is destroyed. Max joins them and gives Liz a hug. “You disabled it. You saved everyone,” he says in awe.

Liz asks if Max killed Flint. Max doesn’t reply.

Jesse’s about to shoot Michael when Greg shoots his dad. He tells Alex he should have defended him from Jesse a long time ago. “There are no more Manes men left,” says Jesse with his dying breath.

Act II[]

Sometime later, CrashCon is over and life appears to sort of back to normal. Liz is working in the Crashdown Café when Javier, the cook tells her they’re going to put up a statue in honor of the disabled veteran who died at the event. Liz doesn’t care. The joint’s hopping and the customers are all buzzing about the carnival and the possibility of what went down involving real aliens.

Liz is surprised to see Diego at one of her tables and he explains he’s back from Denver. He’s brought Dr. Margot Meyersonwith him and she’s impressed with Liz’s research. Liz recognizes her since apparently Dr. Meyerson is a big deal.

Michael checks on Maria at the hospital and she reveals Liz has been stopping by and injecting her with ‘witch serum” every day. Michael’s thankful that there was enough of Maria left to save.

Maria asks Michael to open a box Mimi left her without leaving the key. Michael decides that’s not a great idea given Mimi led her toward a bomb instead of away from it.

At Max’s house, Isobel has some drawings of alien symbols taped up all over the windows, trying to put together the clues to the bomb. She can’t figure out why her mom and Nora would have built such a weapon, and Max reveals he thinks it’s a communication device. Isobel has no idea why Max hasn’t really been talking to her lately and she confronts him about his behavior. Max confesses he’s been acting that way toward everyone since taking Liz’s antidote. His memories are returning and he didn’t want to worry anyone.

Max explains when he touched the “bomb” he could hear things and even made out a word. He thinks he’s put together enough clues to discover that it’s possible his family was also on Earth along with Isobel’s mom. An aerial photo from 1948 shows crop circles spelling out his name – savior.

Isobel comforts her brother and tries to get him to relax a little and appreciate his current situation, his family, and his love of Liz. He understands what she’s getting at, but he wants to know his entire self like she now knows her entire self. “I’m so proud that you’re my sister,” he says before going in for a bear hug after she told him that she wished he would focus on the present.

Michael has a quiet moment with Alex in his family’s shed. Alex mentions how everything his family seems to touch, turns to crap. The shed used to be Alex’s safe space but Jesse shattered that illusion one night. Michael hands Alex a hammer while he grabs an ax. Together they destroy everything inside the shed.

Liz and Max take a walk and have a heart-to-heart. She can’t get over how Max attacked Flint, risking his own life in his uncontrollable anger. Flint’s going to live but Liz keeps seeing the attack in her head. Max admits he snapped and explains he gets his energy from killing, not healing. He can usually fight that urge, but this time he couldn’t.

Liz reveals she’s been offered a position in California by Dr. Meyerson. Plus, Meyerson will sponsor her dad’s citizenship and with the money she makes she can help Rosa. Max is happy someone actually appreciates how valuable Liz is. When she reveals she expects him to accompany her, Max stumbles for words. He can’t believe after his confession of a killer instinct she’d want him to make the move with her.

“We’ll figure all of it out together. Run away with me…Max Evans?” asks Liz. “Anywhere,” he replies, sealing the decision with a kiss.

Later that night, Alex and Michael pretty much demolished the inside of the shed that Harlan Manes supposedly built with his bare hands at age 70. The work ends abruptly when Michael uncovers a skeleton under the floorboards. It’s still dressed in military attire and wearing dog tags.

Alex grabs the tags while Michael spots a key in the corpse’s pocket. It looks like it fits the box Mimi gave Maria in the hospital. Alex reads the tags and learns the corpse is Tripp’s. “My grandfather killed Tripp,” says Alex, shocked.

Act III[]

Jenna’s back at work at the station when Max wanders in. When he asks about Charlie she explains she got a text and now her sister has vanished again. Max wonders if Jenna is up to working on an undercover project for him.

At the hospital, Michael shows Maria the key they found inside Tripp’s clothes. He tells her how both him and Alex think that Harlan might have found out Tripp was an alien sympathizer the whole time, and killed him as a result. Maria removes her bracelet. As she explains that she may just be part alien, but it’s a part of her she doesn’t want to hide or pretend it doesn’t exist. Michael is concerned for her health and doesn’t want her to disappear. He blurts out that he loves her and Maria reveals she loves him, too. Still, she’s not willing to let it go. She wants to embrace the alien side and believes it would be best if they break up so she doesn’t hurt him. She’s proud of how quickly he put himself in harm’s way to save Alex and knows he would have done the same if it was her in Alex’s shoes. She has no doubt about his capacity for love and has been incredibly happy being with him this year. But she thinks they should “let it be” before she starts wondering if someone else could make him happier.

Maria asks Michael to open the box.

The contents are revealed at the café with Alex and Isobel. Inside the box is a book with Tripp’s story. He wrote everything that happened down and gave it to Patricia,– Maria’s grandmother. His story begins the night of the UFO crash as he explains why he didn’t hurt Nora. Tripp felt a connection to her, writing that they were drawn together by something cosmic.

Tripp and Nora grow close and she reveals she and Louise are building something out in the desert. He promises he will keep her safe and she explains she doesn’t fear humans. However, there was a man on the ship who shouldn’t have made the journey. That man crashed the ship and is hunting down all the survivors. He got away and wasn’t captured by the military.

Tripp promises to help her with any supplies she needs. It appeared to have been love at first sight for Tripp, and he wanted to show her the best of this world.

At the hospital, Kyle is there with Steph who isn’t looking too good. She asks him what will happen when she dies, and affectionately calls him an idiot. Kyle laughs, and mentions how Socrates thought that death was a blessing because only one of two things could happen. Either consciousness ceases and it's like falling into a dreamless sleep. Or you go to where all who have died before you have gone to. He is getting emotional as he tells her all of this, and apologizes. He confesses to Steph that he thought a lot about these philosophical things when his dad died. Steph also apologizes for unintentionally putting Kyle through this. Kyle lets her know that he wants to be here for her as he gives her a kiss.

The moment is ruined when Liz walks in. He leaves Steph, but not before saying to not flirt with other doctors. Liz watches Steph for a bit, as Kyle goes to see Max for his doctor’s appointment.

Over at the Wild Pony, Diego and Dr. Meyerson are at a table discussing Liz, with Meyerson confessing she wasn’t impressed with her introduction at the café. Diego assures her Liz deserves a second chance. As they’re talking Jenna, who is underco trips up and nearly lands in Meyerson’s lap. She’s doing such a great job of acting drunk that they don’t notice when she slips a bug under their table.

She wanders off and listens in as Diego suggests they take a peek at what Liz has been working on without her knowledge. Jenna rings up Max and lets him know Diego wants to take Meyerson to Liz’s lab and seems convinced he can get access. She warns him to immediately call Liz and tell her to hide anything incriminating.

Act IV[]

Back at the Cafe, Alex, Michael read more of Tripp’s journal where he talks about Nora having ice cream for the first time. She confessed to Tripp that she and Louise had been sneaking off to build something deep in the desert. That the device in the barn was just a piece of the puzzle. Tripp asked her if it is a ship like the one that crashed the night they met. He sees how hesitant she is in answering. So Tripp reminds her that if it’s the military she is afraid of, that he has a way of keeping her safe. Louise explains that she doesn’t fear humans. But explains that there was a man on board the ship who shouldn’t have been there. A stowaway who crashed the ship in Roswell, New Mexico and is now hunting down each one of them. Seeing how worried she is, Tripp agrees to help Nora get the supplies she needs for whatever she and Louise were building.

The couple then enjoy their ice cream and seeing the sunset, which Tripp mentioning that it’s at most beautiful just before it disappears

In his journal, Tripp explains that he wanted to show Nora everything that’s good in their world. He thought that he could make Nora stay and that he had time.

In the present, Alex takes out Tripp’s dog tags he is now wearing and tells the other two how he can’t help but think how different his dad might have been if Tripp had been able to mentor him. How different everything in his life might have been as a result too.

Meanwhile, Max heads over to Liz’s lab and uses his powers to force open the door. The lab’s full of alien samples, Liz’s notebooks, recordings, and computers. There’s too much to just grab and he winds up setting off an explosion to destroy Liz’s work rather than have verification of aliens on Earth fall into Diego’s hands.

Diego and Meyerson arrive just as the explosion blows out the lab’s windows.

Act V[]

Max returns home to find Michael and Isobel anxious to discuss Tripp Manes’ journal. They reveal that Nora in October of 1948 had decided not to finish building the ship with Louise and instead visited the reservation with Tripp. It was only because Walt begged her that she went to the festival where she ran into the person she’d been avoiding for a year – the stowaway – who it turns out was masquerading as Farmer Jones. The same Mr. Jones who had grown the alien crop circles in the shape of Max’s name.

Tripp recognized Jones but couldn’t ask Nora about him before the massacre occurred at the farm. Jones disappeared right after the massacre. Coincidently, afterwards Mr. Jones was never heard from again after the massacre. The crop circles being all that was left of his time in Roswell.

Tripp visited Nora after she’d been taken prisoner at Caulfield as part of Project Shepherd and she begged him not to let Harlan see him with her. She couldn’t use her abilities to unlock her chains because they’d been drugging her. Nora asked about Louise and learned she’s okay but had stopped speaking. Nora explained Louise escapes into her mind where things are beautiful.

Tripp swore he’d free Nora, but she wanted him to take care of Louise. She reminded him if he died, there won’t be anyone to protect her son, Louise’s daughter, and…the other. Without Nora, the children won’t emerge for 50 years. She believed when they did emerge on June 14, 1997 it would be safer for them. Nora hoped Tripp would have a son and entrust him with this secret so there would be someone to protect the kids.Tripp wanted a family with Nora but it wasn’t possible. They didn’t have time.

Liz and Rosa arrive at Liz’s burned out lab and Liz immediately spots proof it was Max who destroyed her research.

At the police station, Jenna is bored out of her mind, when Charlie pays her a visit, saying how she could never sit still.

Jenna is shocked that Charlie is actually here with her, as her sister explains that she was picking up another fake ID, a new name and she just couldn’t do it. Charlie mentions that she fought so hard to become who she is, and she admits to trading her in every time she gets scared. Charlie goes on to say that she doesn’t want to be on the run anymore. Jenna tearfully asks for Charlie to just be her sister. She vows to keep Charlie safe, but begs her to stay. The two tearfully embrace.

Max wonders if Nora ever said what they were building in the desert and Isobel confirms she didn’t. Louise also remained silent about their project.

Liz barges in and interrupts the conversation, demanding to know why he destroyed her lab. Max reminds her he’s been asking her to get rid of proof of aliens and she wouldn’t. Liz defends Diego when Max suggests he had a nefarious plan, and she’s upset that instead of just stopping Diego he ruined her lab. Max says he needed to act fast to keep his family safe and Liz replies, “So your first instinct was to go with the one method that would break my heart?”

The lab had Noah’s brain and liver, and Max wants to know what else she harvested from them. Liz honestly believes she wasn’t hurting anyone. She reminds him he died this year and every single choice she made was for him – to bring him back to life. After accomplishing that, she just wanted to remember who she is and what she is about. She’s a scientist and is trying to make this world a better place.

When she leaves the room, Max withdraws a bottle of the antidote from his pocket. He swallows the contents.

Act VI[]

Days later, Liz and Rosa are up on the café’s roof as Liz is preparing to leave. She suggests Rosa come with her to California but Rosa can’t. She’s heading back to rehab so she can get better. Rosa thinks Max should be Liz’s road trip buddy; she doesn’t think Liz should head off without him. Rosa’s sure Max will make a grand romantic gesture to stop Liz from leaving.

Over at the Wild Pony bar, Alex joins Kyle and asks if it’s better now that his father’s murder has been avenged. Kyle doesn’t think so and believes Flint will just take over as the new Jesse Manes once he’s recovered. Alex says he’s not going to let that happen. He believes Flint can be redeemed.

Kyle takes off and Alex grabs a seat on stage at the piano for open mic night. Greg’s in the audience as Alex sings a touching song about their father. Isobel and Michael arrive while Alex is singing and Michael and Alex exchange a look that speaks volumes.

Meanwhile, over at the hospital, it seems Liz has secretly injected Kyle’s dying girlfriend with alien DNA. When he shows up in her room, she appears to be completely healed. Her hands no longer shake and she’s got her strength back.

She believes it’s a miracle. Kyle replies, “Or just really good science.”

At the Crashdown, Kyle arrives just as Liz is getting ready to leave. He tells her that what she did was reckless, dangerous and unethical. But hugs her as he thanks her for bringing Steph back from death’s door.

Back at the bar, Michael listens to Alex but then glances at Forrest. He sees Forrest smile as Alex sings and announces to Isobel that he’s leaving. He claims it’s not his and Alex’s time right now and he needs to walk away. He goes on to say that his and Alex’s love story is a sad one, and he needs to take a step back from him, so Alex can start a new relationship. Isobel brings up the fact that while it may not be their time right, it will be someday. Michael tells her that he thinks it will be one day.

Greg has tears in his eyes as he listens to his brother pour his heart out. The song is cathartic and when Alex finishes up, he gives Forrest a passionate kiss.

Rosa goes inside another bar, despite her shaking hands to confront her mother. She asks Helena if she got what she wanted in the end, and if her score is settled now. Helena says no, because she wanted Jesse Manes humiliated and weak, and wanted him to die knowing what shame feels like. The papers unfortunately say it was a tragedy, and that bad white men like him they die heroes no matter what they’ve done. But people like them, die like villains. Rosa agrees since that’s exactly what happened to her. But now she has a new chance and wants to build a different legacy. She tells her mom that the last time she saw, she told Helena she didn’t love her. But that’s not true. She does love her, and Helena says she loves her too. But mentions that she was right about Helena needing to leave. Rosa asks her mother to never bother her sister again. As she walks away, Rosa tells Helena that she hopes one day she gets better too.

Liz is in her car prepared to leave. She glances in her rearview mirror, expecting that one final grand gesture by Max. But ends up disappointed, as it never comes.

The following day Michael and Isobel find Max out in the desert where he confesses he took more of the antidote. He finally understands the whispers he heard when he touched the alien bomb and they led him to this spot. He asks for their help in finding a tunnel and reveals he’s looking for a cage.

Liz makes it to California and pulls over to stare at the Pacific Ocean.

Michael, Isobel, and Max locate the tunnel. Inside is an area sealed up with alien technology. It’s a door and Isobel suggests they do some research before just cracking it up. Max agrees but then they hear a knock from the other side. Whoever it is asks for help. They each place a hand on the three circular alien symbols. The door shatters and inside is a more bearded version of Max.

Max has a vision of the ship crashing to Earth and of this man emerging from it. His doppleganger and unknown relative is the one who Nora feared – the stowaway who never should have been on board the ship.

Cast and characters[]




  • Gigi Erneta as Dr. Margot Meyerson
  • Matthew Dayte as Busboy
  • Kristin Berg as Customer #1
  • Doug Montoya as Customer #2
  • Giancarlo Beltran as Javier



  • Telekinesis - Isobel tries to keep the fire back from the alien console.
  • "Twin" telepathy - Isobel's close telepathic connection with Max allows her to find his location.
  • Alien door - Max, Michael, and Isobel together open the alien prison door.


  • Clairvoyant visions - Mimi presumably had a vision when giving Maria a box. When Maria removes her bracelet, it's to get her clairvoyant visions back.
  • Alien voices - Max heard voices when he touched the alien console, and they lead him to the alien door.


  • On June 15, 2020, Chris Mollere, the show's music supervisor tweeted out the list of songs used in this episode:[1][2]
Song Performer Scene
"Time" Hootie & The Blowfish Liz arrives at "The Crashdown" and Diego introduces Dr Meyerson.
"Leave Her Wild" Tyler Rich
"That Kinda Kiss" Clay Rigdon
"See Yourself" Marc Danziesen
"Frankie And Johnny" Gloria Hart and Art Kassel
"Legend" The Score
"Rhythm Of A Memory" Sarah May Byrom
"Would You Come Home" Tyler Blackburn
"The Echo And The Shadow" The Well Pennies
"Dark Side" Valerie Broussard


  • On January 12, 2020, Carina revealed that the title for the Season 2 finale is: Mr. Jones.[3]
  • Production code is: T48.10213.
  • The episode is likely named after the song Mr. Jones by Counting Crows, which was released in 1993.
  • Carina Adly MacKenzie stated that "a great scene from the finale" was cut which she would have liked to include, and that she's "trying to fit [it] into ep 301".[4]
  • On June 12, 2020 Carina Adly MacKenzie confirmed to a viewer on Twitter that there are Kyle & Alex scenes in the finale. [5]
  • On June 15, 2020 Carina went onto say that writing songs since high school, but that Tyler performing “Would You Come Home” is the first time anyone other than her is hearing it.[6]
  • On June 17, 2020 Carina Adly MacKenzie, mentioned in a tweet that she sent the poem To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell, to Jason Behr when she was pitching him the Tripp/Nora love story, before he agreed to do the show.[7]
    • Moreover, she and Jason built a whole backstory for Tripp.They knew where he’d served, etc. Jason watched the movies Tripp might’ve seen during that time. He asked her what kind of music Tripp would’ve liked. She goes onto admit that she had never gone that deep with an actor about their character.before.[8]
    • Jason also made himself a secret set of dog tags that he wore under his costume, and he gave them to Carina as a wrap gift... and she gave him Tripp’s real dog tags that they had made for the show. [9]
    • Carina also mentions that there are lots of little Easter eggs about the influence Tripp had on Roswell as we know it. Such as encouraging a young Arturo to buy the diner.[10]
    • In addition, Carina revealed that the other writers liked the idea that Tripp’s secret brick at the diner, which he used to pass information to Harrison, might’ve been discovered by a curious little Rosa, inspiring her love for secret hiding places.[11]
    • She also thinks that his enduring friendship with Harrison might’ve brought Jesse to the reservation, which is where he met Alex’s mom, and why the Manes men are always welcome in Harrison’s home.[12]
  • Alex is wearing Tripp's dog tags under his shirt while he performs at the Wild Pony.[13]


Kyle: After everything, you still believe in redemption?

Alex: Well, I have a pretty good example of it right in front of me.

Max: I feel like if you only know half of yourself, you're only half-living.

Greg to Alex: I should have defended you from him a long time ago.


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