Mimi DeLuca is a character on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. She is the mother of Maria DeLuca and she is suffering from an unknown mental disorder.


Mimi is a palm reader and psychic, and her daughter Maria takes after her. It is suggested that she does have some real psychic abilities, such as being able to read auras and having clairvoyant insight into people. With her mental deterioration, she also believes that the events of the movie Independence Day actually occurred. It is occasionally unclear whether what she says is psychic insight, highly developed (but normal human) awareness, or part of her mental deterioration.


Mimi went to school with Jesse Manes, and she noticed the day that he "learned too much."

When Mimi's mental capacities began to deteriorate, Maria took her to many doctors, but they were unable to diagnosis the problem. Maria took over running The Wild Pony from her mother.

Powers and abilities

  • Fortune Telling: Mimi is able to read palms and predict the futures of others. She is also capable of seeing the different paths a person can take on their journey through life.
  • Aura Reading: Mimi mentioned how she was able to see Liz's aura and could see how something was wrong.



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Episode 7:

  • "We aren't meant to touch things from another world, Alex. The other world creeps into us and makes us ugly inside. Don't let it do to you what it did to your father."


  • Mimi believes that Will Smith will save everyone from the alien threat.
  • In the original Roswell High book series, the character is named Margaret DeLuca, and Mimi is a nickname.[1]



  1. Book 7, The Vanished, chapter 5: "Her mother’s first name was Margaret, and only her close friends called her Mimi."
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