Sheriff Michelle Valenti is a recurring character on the CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. She is the sheriff who succeeded her late husband Jim, and she is Kyle Valenti's mother. Michelle Valenti is portrayed by Rosa Arredondo.



Powers and abilities


  • Police Training: Valenti is a sheriff, meaning that she went through police training and has a lot of experience as an officer.


"I don't like her family. My parents struggled for years in poverty so that they could enter this country legally because they believed in America. In freedom, in patriotism, in the law. And people who defy that law give us all a bad name." — Sheriff Valenti to Kyle in Tearin' Up My Heart.


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  • The character's first name was first revealed in episode 2.01 Stay (I Missed You).
    • Prior to her name being revealed on the show, show writer Rick Montano stated that her first name is Michelle.[1] This is also the name of Kyle's mother in the 1999 TV series.
  • In the book series, Kyle's only known family are his father and an aunt; it is not explained what happened to his mother.



  1. In response to a fan's Tweet saying "Sheriff Valenti needs a first name. #RoswellNM", writer Rick Montano (@rickolus) responded with: Sheriff Michelle Valenti. March 27, 2019.
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