"Michael – No one ever comes for me
Isabel – I will. Whenever you need me
―Contacting Nasedo[src]
Michael & Isabel is a relationship on WB sci-fi series Roswell. They are portrayed by Brendan Fehr and Katherine Heigl.


Michael and Isabel met when they were six and found each other wandering in the desert, along with Max. When they were found by a nearing car, Michael got frightened and ran away, and they wouldn't see each other for 3 years. Isabel wept every night because Michael was lost and once they reunited, they made a pact (with Max as well) never to tell anyone of their powers. Having always considered Michael a brother, Isabel is shocked to discover one half of her former self, Vilandra, was betrothed to one half of Michael's former self, Rath of Antar. Although they experience flashes in their dreams of being together and raising a family, Isabel and Michael seem to lean more toward their human sides and the lives they've led for 16 years, which include Alex and Maria.