Michael Guerin is one of the main characters on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. An alien trying to escape Earth, he is troubled but brilliant due to a traumatic childhood. Michael is portrayed by Michael Vlamis.



In 1997, Michael awoke from his pod along with Max and Isobel. The three of them were found walking down the road. At the group home at the approximate age of 7, Isobel and Max were adopted by the Evans couple, while Michael was left behind in foster care. Although Isobel and Max were raised separately as twins, the three of them still considered each other siblings.

As a kid in the foster system, he would occasionally run away from whatever home he was in and hitch a ride to Foster Homestead Ranch, which was the last place he saw his family.[1]

In high school, he was involved with Alex Manes. In June 2008, he broke his wrist.

Powers and abilities

Alien powers:

  • Telekinesis: Michael is able to move objects and people with his mind.
  • Electronic manipulation: Michael is able to remotely shut off cameras.


  • Mechanical knowledge: Michael can fix cars and other mechanics such as projectors.