Max Evans is one of the main characters on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. He is a deputy with the sheriff's department and a natural leader who has kept his true identity a secret for years. Max is portrayed by Nathan Parsons.



In 1997, Max awoke from his pod along with Isobel and Michael. The three of them were found walking down the road. At the group home at the approximate age of 7, he and Isobel were adopted by the Evans couple, while Michael was left behind in foster care. He and Isobel were raised as twins, but they both still considered Michael to be their brother and Max felt guilty that they left Michael behind.

Max joined the Chaves County Sheriff's Department after high school.

Powers and abilities

  • Electromagnetic Energy Manipulation: Max can disrupt electronics, such as blowing out lights and making machines go haywire. This is often shown as an inadvertent emotional reaction and can result in blackouts to buildings or a whole town. He can control the ability enough to bring back power to a hospital.
  • Healing: Max can heal others, even when the wound is fatal.
  • Memory sharing: Max can share his memories with others.
  • Twin Telepathy: Max can communicate telepathically with his sister Isobel, such as calling her to his location when he needs help.
  • Empathic connection: As a side-effect to healing, Max can form a temporary empathic connection with others.
  • Police training: Max has gone through police training like his fellow deputies.

When Max uses his alien powers too much, he becomes exhausted and can even pass out. He collapses after healing Liz, and he passes out when bringing power back to the hospital.



  • When he was younger he wanted to be a writer.
  • He became a cop "to help people."[1]
  • He likes the film E.T The Extra Terrestrial.


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