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This page is for the 2019 TV series character. For the 1999 TV series character, see Max Evans (1999). For the book series character, see Max Evans (books).

Max Evans is one of the main characters on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. He is a deputy with the sheriff's department and a natural leader who has kept his true identity a secret for years. Max is portrayed by Nathan Dean.



In 1997, Max awoke from his pod along with Isobel and Michael. The three of them were found walking down the road. At the group home at the approximate age of 7, he and Isobel were adopted by the Evans couple, while Michael was left behind in foster care. He and Isobel were raised as twins, but they both still considered Michael to be their brother and Max felt guilty that they left Michael behind.

On their birthday in 2004, Max, Isobel, and Michael went camping. Isobel was attacked by a drifter, who Max ended up killing in self-defense. Michael used his telekinesis to bury the body, and Isobel was traumatized from the attack.[3]

After high school, Max joined the Chaves County Sheriff's Department.

Despite dying from overusing his powers to bring Rosa Ortecho back to life, he is not quite gone. Rosa still has his handprint, which serves as psychic connection for him to use to talk to her. At first he uses his memories of Noah Bracken. But eventually reveals himself to her, and tells her to make sure that Liz does not bring him back to life.[4] He eventually pushes to hard, and Rosa subsequently relapses. Choosing to drink alcohol, instead of having Max haunting her.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Max is an Oasian with several paranormal abilities. His "specialty" seems to be manipulating electromagnetic energy which he can use to heal or harm. When he uses his powers too much or push them past his limits, he can become sick, be in pain, or even pass out. He vomited and collapsed after reviving Liz (needing nail polish remover to kill the pain) and was knocked out after he exerted his abilities at the hospital.

After reviving Liz, Max mentioned how there was some kind of "poison" inside of him. Michael believed this poison to be destructive energy that Max absorbed from Liz when he resurrected her. Max released all of this destructive energy but it resulted in all of the transformers in town being blown.

  • Electromagnetic Energy Manipulation: Max has the ability to manipulate, charge or can disrupt electronics, such as blowing out lights and making machines go haywire. This is often shown as an inadvertent emotional reaction and can result in blackouts to buildings or a whole town. He can control this ability enough to bring back power to a hospital.
    • Resurrection and Healing: Max can heal and resurrect others. He used this power to resurrect Liz and heal her wound. Max, unfortunately, absorbs the destructive energy of those he heals, causing him intense rage.
    • Energy Absorption: Max has the ability to absorb energy around him, as shown when he had absorbed lightning around him when he was resurrected and fired at Isobel until she re-directed it.
      • Life Force Absorption: Max is able to absorb a person's life force and kill said person. He used this power to murder the man who attacked Isobel when they were fourteen years old.
  • Telekinesis: Like Isobel. Max now has the ability to move objects with his mind, allowing him to move together dirt molecules to bury things and even hold someone in the air, allowing him to save Heath from the fall.
  • Psychic Imprint: As a side effect of using his powers on another person, Max leaves behind a rainbow handprint that serves as a psychic bond between him and the person he has marked. The bond allows the marked person to feel what Max is feeling. The imprint is not permanent though and it does fade over time.
    • Memory Sharing: Max can share his memories with another person through their psychic bond if he has marked them, as shown when he showed Liz the memories of them younger.
  • Psychic Communication: Max is able to communicate telepathically with Isobel, calling her to him when he needed help and allowing her to know where he was.
  • Sickness Immunity: Max noted how he has never been sick in all of his life, hinting that he is incapable of contracting human diseases and illnesses.


  • Police Training: Max is a deputy and went through police training to make him qualified for the job.
    • First Aid Training: Most likely learned during his police training, Max is able to perform first aid. He used this skill to patch up Arturo Ortecho after he was attacked since he couldn't go to the hospital due to his undocumented status. He was even capable of treating himself after being shot by Wyatt Long.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: As an officer, Max had been trained in defense tactics to allow him to protect himself and control those he arrests.
  • Marksmanship: Max seems to have been a skilled marksman since even before he became a police officer. He was able to hit bottles that had been telekinetically launched into the air by Michael with a shotgun.


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  • When he was younger he wanted to be a writer.[2]
  • He became a cop "to help people,"[6] and because he likes protecting people, it "helps [him] sleep at night."[2]
  • He prefers the film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial over Mars Attacks.[7]


"You know, it's the science that scares us the most. We've always been terrified that if anyone found out, they'd put us in a lab and, I don't know cut us up, experiment." — Max to Liz in Pilot.

"Liz, I wish I had answers for you. There was never anyone around to help us understand. We grew up watching movies where aliens abduct people and violate them and blow up the White House. I'm a son. I'm a brother. I'm a cop. I... My life is ordinary, which was fine until you blew back into it two days ago. You asked me what I am. I'm just a guy from Roswell. That's it." — Max to Liz in Pilot.

"Ever since I healed you, I've felt wrong, like there's a... like there's a tornado inside me, and I can't fight it and I can't run from it, except when I'm with you." — Max to Liz in So Much For the Afterglow.

"I feel like I'm disappearing until you look at me and then I'm so completely seen. I've never liked that feeling before. Somehow, you always stand in the part of the room that the sun hits first. You touched my lips and I stopped breathing for a week." — Parts of a love letter that Max wrote to Liz, Tearin' Up My Heart.