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This page is for the book series character. For the 2019 TV series character, see Maria DeLuca (2019). For the 1999 TV series character, see Maria DeLuca (1999).

Maria DeLuca is a main character in the Roswell High book series. She is a junior in high school,[1] and she learns about the existence of aliens when Max Evans uses his powers to heal Liz Ortecho right in front of her.


Maria has curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.[2][3][4]

Maria's aura is a "sparkling blue" color that usually reminds Max of "a lake on a summer day". When she gets really upset, her blue aura becomes a "like an ocean before a storm — murky green and churning."[5]


Maria is a student at Ulysses F. Olsen High, and she works as a waitress at the Crashdown Cafe. Her best friends are Liz Ortecho and Alex Manes, and Maria is the one who tells Alex about aliens because she's scared. Their friendship group later expands to include Max Evans, Isabel Evans, and Michael Guerin. Maria develops a romantic interest in Michael.

Maria is really into using aromatherapy, and she'll pull out vials of scents for her friends when she thinks they need them. She avoids processed foods, but makes exceptions such as for pizza.

Maria lives with her mother Margaret "Mimi" DeLuca, her younger brother Kevin, and her cat Sassafras. Maria's parents have gotten a divorce, and her father lives separately across town. Her mother has begun dating again, which bothers Maria, and often leaves Maria and Kevin home alone in the evenings.[6][7]


Being human, Maria does not have any powers unique to herself.

Connection: After Max forms a connection between himself, Liz, Maria, Michael, Isabel, and Alex, Maria has an ongoing connection with the five of them. This connection helps the group save Michael's life.[8]

Psychic / Clairvoyance: In The Wild One, Maria finds an unusual ring, and in The Seeker, Maria begins using the ring for psychic and clairvoyant use. She believes that the ring enhances her own latent psychic abilities, but it's actually the ring's power. She is able to make a mental connection with others, which she initially does with her cat Sassafras. She is able to view what others are doing at the time, and she spies on Sheriff Valenti.


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For the 1999 Roswell television series, Maria DeLuca is portrayed by white actress Majandra Delfino.

For the 2019 Roswell, New Mexico television series, Maria DeLuca is portrayed by black actress Heather Hemmens. Maria and the other main characters are all aged up ten years, although they still went to high school together. Instead of working at the Crashdown Cafe with Liz, Maria works are her family-owned bar the Wild Pony, which she's running by herself by the start of the series. Maria is not at the Crashdown when Liz is shot, so she does not initially learn about the existence of aliens.



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