This page is for the 2019 TV series character. For the 1999 TV series character, see Maria DeLuca (1999). For the book series character, see Maria DeLuca (books).

Maria DeLuca is one of the main characters on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. She is Liz Ortecho's best friend and runs The Wild Pony and has no knowledge about the existence of aliens. Maria is portrayed by Heather Hemmens.



Maria became friends with Liz when they attend Roswell public schools.

Powers and abilities


  • Palm Reading: Maria is skilled at reading palms and predicting futures.
  • Bartending:



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"She was electric. Impulsive. She was a "hold your hair back when you're sick, slash your ex's tires" type of friend. She was a total flake. Completely unreliable. But, somehow, when you needed her most, she always seemed to show up right on time. She isn't what's left over in the dirty crevices of this town." - Maria to Liz about Rosa in Tearin' Up My Heart.

"You think I don't know your game? You come in here when you've drunk enough to kill that dramatic cowboy angst, you start a fight, so you get kicked out before you pay. You can't swindle a mercenary, Guerin. I keep a tab." - Maria to Michael in Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?.

"Well, I'm angry. I just try to be more like my mom. Truth is, everything I like about myself I got from her. Everyone in this town rejected everything about me and she just she just embraced it and raised me to love myself. The sound of my own voice, the way I crazy dance and the color of my skin when I literally thought we were the only black people in the world. Now every day it's like a it's like a piece of her just slips away. It's a piece of me that I lose, too, you know?" - Maria to Liz about her mom in I Saw the Sign.



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