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This page is for the 2019 TV series character. For the 1999 TV series character, see Maria DeLuca (1999). For the book series character, see Maria DeLuca (books).

Maria DeLuca is one of the main characters on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. She is Liz Ortecho's best friend and she runs The Wild Pony. Maria is portrayed by Heather Hemmens.



Maria became friends with Liz when they attend Roswell public schools.



Maria is introduced as she reads the palm of a patron at her bar, The Wild Pony. She gives Liz a frosty welcome before relenting and hugging her. She notes that Liz doesn't have an Instagram so she hasn't been able to see what she's been doing. Liz thanks her for leaving something at Rosa's memorial and they have a toast.

Later, still at the bar, Maria remarks on the romance of Liz and Max almost getting murdered together. Liz laments that Max gave her the cold shoulder and Maria recommends getting over it by hooking up with someone else.

At the high school reunion, the woman whose palm Maria is reading makes a disparaging comment about Liz. In response, Maria's prediction is that the woman is going to die "pretty soon" of syphilis. Liz is about to leave, so Maria goes to the band and asks them to play Mrs Potter's Lullaby. She and Liz dance.


Alex comes into The Wild Pony and Maria jokingly asks him if he's lost. Alex says that the crowd at the Pony aren't his usual people. Maria, under the impression that he means Michael, agrees but says that "he got kinda hot in a sex in a truck, smells like a river, never introduce him to your mama kind of way." Liz shows up and asks if the 90s night Maria is planning is in honor of Rosa, to which Maria replies that "she was [her] family too."

Maria asks if the thing Liz is writing on the back of the flyer is a love letter to Max. Liz wrote "A FRAUDULENT ZODIAC," which had been written on Rosa's hand in a memory that she had. Maria reveals that this is a lyric from the song "God of Wine" by Third Eye Blind. Maria then gets visibly upset and reveals that the night Rosa wrote that lyric on her hand was the same night she died.

Maria asks Alex about the mystery guy from the museum in high school. Alex talks about how Mystery Guy was the first person to make him like Roswell, and Maria replies that home can be a person instead of a place.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Clairvoyance: Inherited from her mother, Mimi DeLuca, her grandmother, Patricia DeLuca and her great-grandmother, Louise Truman, Maria has visions of either past, present and future events. She can correctly guess the cards a person is holding in their hands. She has a vision of a future event of Kyle almost dying, which she mistakes for him being abducted. Since alien abilities are genetically linked, she inherited them from her entire family as stated by Jones in Bitter Sweet Symphony, every member of her family has had visions come onto them, she has even shown to have visions that are connected to her family, including both her mother and her great-grandmother. She has discovered that most of her visions are triggered mainly by adrenaline or when she's scared and that fear will force the visions onto her. She has also shown to have a unique type of low-level psychometric empathy, allowing her to see low emotional history of a person as she did once in Season 1, she also did this in Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, when she felt Isobel's despair and fear of her deciding not to have her baby.


  • Business/Entrepreneur: Maria runs her own business The Wild Pony, and she runs various events to help facilitate an income such as having a "Woman As Warrior" class and organizing a Mexican Market.
  • Bartending: Maria knows how to bartend.
  • Palm Reading (for business): Maria reads palms to tell people their futures as a side business. While she does have some actual psychic ability, she also puts on a show just for the business, such as telling Hank Gibbons that he would marry Lindsay and they would have children together (Hank died later that year, presumably unmarried and without any children).


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  • In the original Roswell High novels, Maria is Caucasian and possesses no alien powers. She and Isabel are not related to each other.


"She was electric. Impulsive. She was a "hold your hair back when you're sick, slash your ex's tires" type of friend. She was a total flake. Completely unreliable. But, somehow, when you needed her most, she always seemed to show up right on time. She isn't what's left over in the dirty crevices of this town." - Maria to Liz about Rosa in Tearin' Up My Heart.

"You think I don't know your game? You come in here when you've drunk enough to kill that dramatic cowboy angst, you start a fight, so you get kicked out before you pay. You can't swindle a mercenary, Guerin. I keep a tab." - Maria to Michael in Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?.

"Well, I'm angry. I just try to be more like my mom. Truth is, everything I like about myself I got from her. Everyone in this town rejected everything about me and she just she just embraced it and raised me to love myself. The sound of my own voice, the way I crazy dance and the color of my skin when I literally thought we were the only black people in the world. Now every day it's like a it's like a piece of her just slips away. It's a piece of me that I lose, too, you know?" - Maria to Liz about her mom in I Saw the Sign.