Majandra Delfino is a Venezuelan-American actor and musician. Delfino portrays Maria DeLuca on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Portrayed Andi on the CBS multi-cam Friends With Better Lives.

Delfino performed in ABC's pilot The Family Trap starring Mandy Moore and Stockard Channing.

After the Roswell series, Delfino and co-star Brendan Fehr came up with the concept for a series called B+T or Baron + Toluca, which Delfino calls a "spiritual successor of Roswell". A short promotional video was released in 2016 to get a network to pick up the show. Entertainment Weekly describes the premise:[1]

Jake Baron (Fehr) and Toluca Mendez (Delfino), former teen actors from an alien sci-fi show. (Sound familiar?) The premise of B+T is that when reunited as adults, the two are forced to work together to solve a paranormal mystery in New Mexico that’s threatening to kill both of them. Just as Maria and Michael had a love-hate-love relationship, so do Baron and Toluca.

Despite several online campaigns to get a company such as Netflix to pick it up, the series has yet to make it to production.


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