Louise Truman is a recurring character in The CW 2019 television series Roswell, New Mexico, first introduced in season 2. She is portrayed by Cassandra Jean Amell.

Louise is "an alien seeking refuge in 1947 Roswell. ... Louise finds that the inhabitants of this strange, frightening new world are significantly less welcoming than she expected. Though she's a pacifist by nature, when she's separated from her kids, she has no choice but to fight to protect them at all costs."[1]

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During the war on her home world, Louise helped rescue Max Evans from being chained to a floor. They left the world in a ship along with other refugees.

On June 14, 1947, Louise survives the UFO crash and escapes with Nora and the pods carrying the children.[2] They take refuge at the Long farm where Roy Bronson and a young Walt Sanders help keep them hidden from the air force for a year. In that time, Louise and Nora learn English, they pick their names, and Louise and Roy fall in love.

In October 1948, Harlan Manes sees Nora's photograph in The Gazette newspaper and shows Tripp Manes, and they plan to raid the Long farm to capture them.[3] In the raid, Nora is apprehended and Roy is killed. Louise is shot in the back and appears dead, but it's later revealed that she survived and evaded capture.[4]

Old Louise

Old Louise

Tripp takes Louise to the Navajo reservation where Harrison helps him keep Louise hidden. Louise is unable to walk following being shot in the back during the raid. On October 24, 1948, she gives birth to a daughter. Louise has a necklace made for her to suppress her powers, and Harrison helps her put the child up for adoption.

Louise lived out the rest of her life on the reservation. She rarely spoke, and one of the few people she spoke with was Harrison. She somehow left a message for Tripp hidden behind a loose brick at the Crashdown Cafe.

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Alex and Michael investigate what happened to Nora and Louise at the Long farm, and they suspect that Louise might be Max and Isobel's mother. Forrest has also done research into the events in 1948 at the Long farm, although he believes the women were Nazi spies, and he shares his information with Alex and Michael.[3]

Alex, Liz, and Isobel find evidence left behind a loose brick at the Crashdown Cafe with evidence that Louise survived the 1948 raid and escaped capture.[4]

Alex recognizes where the picture was taken as being at the Navajo reservation where his mother grew up. He takes Max, Michael, Isobel to the reservation where Alex's brother Gregory Manes tells them about Louise. Isobel uses her powers to speak with Harrison, who shares his memories of Louise with them, but refuses to tell them what happened to Louise's daughter. Maria also accompanied them on the trip to look for information on her grandmother's necklace, and they realize that Maria's grandmother was Louise's other daughter.[5]

Later that night, in an attempt to reclaim his memories, Max drinks a vial of the alien serum. He has a memory from his homeworld, chained to the floor, and of Louise coming to rescue him with an alien sword.[5]

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As an alien, Louise is presumed to have the same general abilities as other aliens. At the Navajo reservation, Louise notably uses her powers to help heal people mentally.

  • Telekinesis: Louise had demonstrated the ability to push objects or people with her mind. When she was of humans, she had push many soldiers back without any physical contact.
  • Sonic Screaming: Louise had shown she can release a sonic scream that temporarily immobilizes humans yet is shown to have no effect on aliens.
  • Healing: Chiana had mentioned that Louise was able to heal people on the Native American Reservation.

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  • Although Louise and Nora both took the surname Truman, they are not sisters.[6]

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